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Something Missing In Your 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy?

By Kate John
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So you have been executing all that was planned as per the 2015 Digital Marketing Strategy, which was developed so meticulously. But the results have not been as planned. It includes all the parameters that should work in the given scenario but what could be the missing piece that’s pulling the expected results down?

You may find your answer here.

Are you thinking mobile?

Mobile should form the key focus area of your plan and moving towards mobile-friendliness should be your topmost priority. Global trends indicate an increase in smartphone transactions, a number that is closely followed by tablets. So you have to build an online presence that is mobile-friendly. People are more likely to stay on a mobile friendly website that offers greater responsiveness and engagement. Additionally, mobile campaigns (that are carried out through SMSs) are driving a lot of traffic for marketers who chose to focus on mobile marketing right from the beginning. Some of the favorite mobile campaigns are built around promoting exclusive deals, freebies, attractive offers and announcement of loyalty programs.

Social media focus?

The other focus area that you might have already included in your plan is social media marketing. One of the key elements missing in a social media campaign is a channel-wise focus. You can’t be focusing on all the channels with the same priority. The focus changes with the nature of your business. Each of the social media channel has a unique characteristic and gives access to different kinds of followership. You need to link each channel to the needs of your business and set a priority for all the channels. Another trend that you absolutely can’t ignore is Social Media Advertising. Trends show that advertising on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks is an increasingly popular advertising tool.


The success of a Digital Marketing Strategy depends on its ROI so you also must build the required metrics around measuring success of your mobile and social media campaigns to gauge the performance of each.

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