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What is Programmatic Advertising?

It is a method of reaching potential customers the moment they are looking to buy. Programmatic can reach a highly targeted audience wherever they are.

Its versatility allows marketers to target competitor’s customers, target fenced geographical areas, use company data to stay top of mind with past customers, and much more.

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Reach potential or existing customers with digital targeted advertising, blend of tactics to target potential customers at the right digital touch point.

Reach the right customer at the right time

What can you do with Programmatic?

Programmatic Targeting people in right area
Targeting people in the right area at the right time
With virtual fencing, we can draw a fence around a geographic location and target those in the area with your brand’s message.

  • Stay top-of-mind with those who have visited you by drawing a virtual fence around your building.
  • Competitor Conquesting: Target your competitors with a virtual fence around their physical locations and show your brand in real-time to their customers.
  • Geo-fence other physical businesses that offer something related to your product or service.
  • Virtually fence your service area with branding ads so everyone in your area keeps you top of mind when they next think of your product or service.
Programmatic Data Onboarding

Data Onboarding

  • Using your business database, you can import data like purchase history into your advertising campaigns to raise conversions.
  • Using business data to create custom ads matched to the right person effectively increases rate of return of each customer.
  • By creating a look-a-like audience from those who have purchased from you in the past allows your ads to reach the perfect customer every time.

Reach people looking for your services across the web with your message based on their behavior.

How do you know if someone intends to buy? Their online behavior tells you everything online, you can reach them wherever they are, phone, desktop, or tablet.

  • Keyword search retargeting: tags potential buyers that searched for a term and shows your branded ads to them.
  • Competitor Conquesting: When a potential buyer uses a competing brand name in a search, you can reach them where they go online to stay top of mind with them.
Programmatic Behavioral Retargeting

Site Retargeting

It doesn’t make sense to work hard getting people to go to your site when 98% of
them leave without doing anything. Site retargeting reconnects your brand with
those who’ve left, and maximizes total investment.

Programmatic website traffic leaves

98% of website traffic leaves without taking action

Programmatic retargeting ad

The average click through rate for a retargeting ad is 10x higher than average ads

programmatic agency display ads

Website visitors who see your display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your website

Persona Targeting

Do you know who your target audience is? Hyper focus on who they are and reach
them on any device.

  • Highly defined audience
  • Targeted top-of-funnel
  • Highly relevant messaging
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Efficient ad spend
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Contextual/Category Targeting

Contextual targeting finds prospects who are consuming content related to what you offer, all over the
internet. Conquer your competitors by using their brand name as a keyword in your campaign and show your ads on sites using that competitor’s brand name.

Contextual Targeting

Target sites that contain a keyword that you
designate as relevant to your product/service

Programmatic Contextual Targeting
Programmatic Contextual Target infographics
programmatic advertising for products and Services

Category Targeting

Target users viewing content that is categorized
as relevant to what you have to offer

Programmatic Category Targeting
Programmatic Category Target infographics
Programmatic Advertising solution Companies


Geotargeting delivers highly targeted messages that are customized based on
identity and behavioral profiles layered onto a specific geographic area, down to
the ZIP code level. This type of targeting is especially useful for branding.

Programmatic Geotargeting Agency to reache right area
Programmatic Regional Targeting Agency in Texas
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Programmatic ZIP code Targeting expert solutions

We can reach the right person, wherever
they are, with the right content.

Display programmatic advertising agency


Engaging display ads can reach 99.9% of the internet’s available advertising territory.

Mobile programmatic advertising agency


Our mobile technology uses geo-fencing with conversion zones to optimize traffic, as well as mobile exchanges like MoPub and Millenial Media to get the best reach.

Video programmatic advertising agency


We supports pre-roll, mid-roll, in-banner video, and can deliver across in-app, mobile web, and desktop browser inventory types.

We can reach 99.9% of the internet with
our ad exchange network

Access to more than 350 exchanges, networks, and publishers

Programmatic Network PubMatic
Programmatic Network Yahoo
Programmatic Network mopub
Programmatic Network OpenX
Programmatic Network AppNexus
Programmatic Network Ad Exchange
Programmatic Network Millennialmedia
Programmatic Network Aerserv
Programmatic Network Sovrn
Programmatic Network Rubicon
Programmatic Digital Solutions
Programmatic Network Pulse Point
Programmatic Network E planning
Programmatic Network Daily Motion
Programmatic Network AdapTV
Programmatic Index Exchange
Programmatic Network Smaato
Programmatic Network SpotX

Reporting & Analytics

We provide the most extensive and transparent reporting available.

programmatic advertising Reporting & Analytics

Are you ready to place your ad in front of customers who are
looking to buy?

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