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Know the 'Missed' Tracking which leaves you clueless about effectiveness of your Marketing Channels

For years business owners have recognized the truth of the statement "I know half my advertising is wasted—I just don't know which half."

If you aren't tracking your inbound calls, odds are you're overspending on your marketing campaigns and your situation is similar to the statement above. Unless you can sort your prospect calls from your garbage calls, you will continue to spend blindly on your advertising. Call tracking maximizes your marketing dollars by making sure your data is tracked and accounted for correctly.

Typically when you are running one or multiple online campaigns, you end up using your website as a landing destination, which has your TollFree or regular number. In such scenarios your analytics can’t differentiate which campaign is bringing in the higher number of calls or which campaign is not performing at all. Tracking campaigns will immediately help you save money by letting you identify and optimize or replace campaigns which are not working out or advertising methods that don't work well combined with other traditional methods such as coupons.

To get around this issue, Call Tracking tools come in handy, which at a nominal fee provides you with virtual numbers for a specific campaign, eventually redirecting the customer to the regular phones as usual. The only difference now is you have an interface which could send call data to Google Analytics through API integration, which in turn can also transfer call leads data to Adwords interface, hence making your reporting absolutely flawless and each dollar you spend accounted for.

A lot of call tracking service providers will also give you important information like caller IDs including caller’s name and location, call recordings.

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