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If your business matters to you, it matters to us. Actionable Analytics to inform your decisions.

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Analytics Tracking and Reporting Services Dallas Analytics Tracking and Reporting Services Dallas Analytics Tracking and Reporting Services Dallas

We Slice and Dice the Reports the way they can help you in Decision Making

The biggest point of digital marketing is the ‘trackability’. Still for whatever reasons if you're not tracking or not making heads or tails of the stats in front of you, you are missing the point.

We believe in Actionable analytics, which starts by first setting up the analytics then slicing and dicing to allow you to make informed decisions about your marketing channels and messages, websites, landing pages, targeting etc.

You can take control by acquiring better understanding of your website visitors and learn why they love or loathe your advertising messages, websites or why they bounce off the website, why they spend so less time on your website or a particular page or take the actions they take, or not take the desired action. We're here to help you make better business decisions based on the real data. We can provide you with meaningful insights which can help you make changes to your website, section of the website, a landing page or advertising messaging or even targeting.

Which search terms do potential customers use? Which blog posts resonate? Was there a campaign that drove a lot of new users to your site? Did they convert into a customer?

Right from setting up ‘Goals’ in Google analytics or syncing up your Adwords account with Google Analytics or integrating call tracking into the reporting dashboard, we can undertake the complete analytical jobs and show you only what you need to look at for making better marketing choices or business decisions.

Every strategy we create and web marketing program we implement has a reporting component..

Web Analytics & Reporting Services include:

  • Google analytics setup services Google analytics setup, management & troubleshooting
  • Google conversion funnel setup, reporting & management services Google conversion funnel setup, reporting & management
  • Custom Google analytics reporting services Dallas Create & manage custom Google analytics reporting
  • Comprehensive website audit Comprehensive website audit
  • Technical SEO audits Technical SEO audits
  • Competitive SERP analysis Competitive SERP analysis
  • Digital Marketing Strategies Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Reports with Analysis and Recommendations Create monthly/quarterly/annual reports with analysis and recommendations
  • SEO Dallas Ongoing SEO Adjustments

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