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Website Maintenance Website Maintenance Website Maintenance

Building an awesome website is just half the battle - keeping it updated is the other.

After having your website developed, the only way to keep a consistent online visibility is to have your website updated with content, graphics, layout, and other modifications. You operate in a dynamic world, where information is changing at every possible moment and as a business you can’t afford to remain static.

From tiny content updates to complex uploads and code changes, websites need to remain updated to retain their value. Sometimes the challenge of updating can seem insurmountable, especially when thinking about the time needed to make all the necessary changes. From small businesses to large, finding time for even minute changes involves huge opportunity costs.

Dedicating a resource to handling this labor in-house can lead to good business value, but finding a person to fill this role with all the skills required to update a website appropriately is a challenge.

Which is where our web maintenance services fit in.

How we can help?

Sound advice on all issues your site is facing
Our Team will carefully assess your website maintenance requirement, then apply our expert knowledge to identify and advise you through your best options for website maintenance or upgrades.

One stop shop for all skills to keep your site happy
No matter how complex or vast your changes are, our team will get tit done. Whether its related to content, design, database, server, coding , or SEO, we have a competent pool of skills to help you with anything your site will require – right when you need it.

Pay only for time actually spent on your site. No overhead, no minimum commitments
Our website maintenance service comes with transparent pricing and our tracking systems ensure you only pay for the work we deliver.

Customized to save the maximum Time and Money
Our website maintenance packages include a free assessment service that allows us to understand the approach that can help you save most on your website maintenance or upgrade needs.

Fast turnaround and transparent reporting
Our response time will amaze you - often it`s near real-time. Our team proactively listens to your call for any ad-hoc requirements and they are instantly queued for execution. Our reporting allows you to see a breakup of our activities and time invested on Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis.

Detail oriented
We pay attention to the details and our team does not leave a job unfinished or under finished. Our experts work in collaboration to apply all changes required on website and deliver the anticipated functionality. We hate unfinished work just as much as you do.

Cost effective
At a fraction of cost, you can expect a team of experts at your disposal and help you with

  • Any type of website content editing & updates you may require at any time.
  • Any type of formatting and layout changes
  • Uploading, posting, editing of any kind of Images / Graphics
  • Uploading, editing, categorizing, filtering of any type of files
  • Any kind of server configurations
  • Any type of website configurations
  • Any type of CMS configurations and updates
  • Addition, editing, or deletion of website pages
  • Any kind of modification, or configuration of any contact or data forms
  • Any kind of analytics integration
  • Any kind of technical issues, bug fixing etc.
  • Any kind of SEO troubleshooting etc.
  • Any kind of cleaning, virus check etc.

And a lot more
Let us take care of your website maintenance and upgrading requirements, while you could invest that time in more important business activities.

What makes us different?

Honest and clear in our service
offering and pricing.

Custom cook every plan to
perfectly suit individual clients need

Keep our client happy by
showing them results

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