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You can have the most beautiful website built but without any type of marketing, no one will know that your website exists. In other words, you could have the most intriguing website around, but what is the sense in having it if no one will know about it? It is the same idea as you are finding the best outfit that looks stunning on you after having a makeover. However, if you are in the middle of a deserted island, who will know about how gorgeous you are? Let alone your existence. That would be a lot of time and effort wasted if no one will know about how gorgeous you are.

This is why every small business must have not only a stunning website that is extremely user-friendly with a low-bounce rate, but each business needs to make it known so that there is an increase as time goes on of targeted traffic on the website which means that there will be a lot more leads as a result. And that means many of those leads will end up converting to sales.

In order for that to happen, every small business needs to have a digital marketing plan in order to make that happen. And, that is where we at Digital Success come in. Digital Success offers small businesses powerful digital marketing solutions which will help them gain targeted traffic that is ongoing on their websites, which will, in the end, turn into leads, and then that means a large portion of the leads will turn into conversions. And that means that the small businesses that we are helping will have plenty of new clients and customers because they used our digital marketing services. The services we offer are:

Digital Marketing Solutions

Search Engine Optimization

It is a known fact that people rely on search engines such as Google and Bing to get what they are looking for in general, whereas back in the old days, people relied on the yellow pages to find the listing of businesses. With that said, people are searching for businesses on search engines, and the first one they see come up high up are the ones they will likely contact. This is how SEO will help the website of your business rank high on the search engines so that it is the first one to be seen in your niche.

That means with proper SEO which we at Digital Success offer, your competitor's websites will fall lower in the rankings. The way SEO works is that a code that is search-friendly is added to your website in addition to other whitehat tactics that are used to push your website rankings up high on Google and Bing. However, bear in mind that the more competitive the niche, the longer it will take for your website will rank high. However, our company will help no matter what.

Social Media Marketing

It is a known fact that billions of people worldwide are on social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so on. And, your potential clients and customers are on social media as well. Every business needs to have a social media marketing strategy put in place, and that is how we at Digital Success can help you as well. The three main purposes of a social media marketing strategy serve are:

Increases Trust - The first thing that customers and clients do when they learn more about the products or services you offer, and at the same time evaluate, they go on social media. They rely on social media when it comes to gaining the reassurance of the credibility of your business, as well as authenticity. If there is nothing about your business found on social media, then that means money on the table is lost and those clients or customers would be going to your competitors instead.

Increases Awareness For The Brand - Social media gives business owners the opportunity to communicate with their potential clients or customers as well as their existing ones. Because of the engagement online being so visible, that helps create awareness for your brand.

Helps With SEO Boosting - Another excellent thing about social media marketing is that the constant activity on the social media platforms actually helps with improving search engine rankings for your website.

Pay Per Click Marketing

If you have a brand new website, or if you have a website that has been around but is not ranked by Google, you can have it noticed immediately. Or if you have an irresistible offer that you need to announce but you are not sure how to do that, then there is a solution. And the digital marketing staff at Digital Success will help you find that solution which is pay per click or PPC advertising.

Yes, SEO is meant to help rank your website high on search engines. However, it takes too long for the results to be achieved. And the perfect shortcut to SEO is PPC. For companies that need to be visible right away need to rely on Google AdWords™ PPC in order to help them achieve that type of visibility.

Google AdWords™ PPC is the fastest way that your website will be shown not only through Google searches but through Display Networks. That means you are going to reach your audience quite fast this way. And, you will want us at Digital Success to help you achieve the best results while we launch a highly successful PPC campaign for you.

Setup is instantaneous which means you can get started with a Google AdWords PPC campaign within 24 hours so you will be able to see the ads that show the most important keywords. Another reason to stick to PPC is that you can have your website advertised with a running campaign by allowing your website to show up whenever a user types in a keyword into the Google search bar.

PPC ads are also highly effective because you only pay whenever someone clicks on your ad, and we perfect PPC campaigns so well that the ROI is at its highest.

Programmatic Advertising

Can you imagine reaching out to a potential client or customer when they are ready to buy? Can you also imagine the ability to only reach out to a targeted audience while excluding all of the other noise that will not be helpful to you? That is what Programmatic Advertising is, and the staff Digital Success will make that work for your business!

With Programmatic Advertising there is the ability to strictly market to the customers and clients of competitors that are in a particular geographic area or areas. And we use company data to know who these customers and clients are!

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? What it means is that a business is sharing valuable and engaging content all over the web that attracts potential clients and customers through different methods which include:

  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Forum and blog commenting contributions that are industry related
  • Content sharing through social networking
  • Video sharing
  • Infographics
  • PDFs
  • Slides
  • Image submission

And when you are working with Digital Success, you are guaranteed to be in good hands as you will be given the best type of content marketing strategy that will work best for you and your industry.

Website Revamp and Maintenance

Are you concerned about your website not being up to par? Then give us a call at Digital Success and we will test your website to make sure it is functioning properly. And if not, we will evaluate it to see if it needs:

  • Any type of layout or formatting changes
  • Any type of website or content editing
  • Help with uploading any particular type of file
  • CMS configurations and updates of any kind
  • Server and/or website configurations of any kind
  • Analytics integration of any type
  • SEO troubleshooting
  • Virus checks
  • Technical issues and bug fixes
  • And more!

And you will only pay for the time that has been spent on maintaining and fixing your website! There are no hidden fees or charges.

Digital Success is here for your digital marketing needs and contact us today to schedule your free consultation!