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Getting followers on your Facebook business page is a perpetual challenge. Your content and feeds are visible to the limited audience who follow you, but there are paid methods to achieve larger audiences.

We offer Facebook advertising services to help you discover customers that you may otherwise miss. One of the most effective ways, that requires only a small investment, is efficiently managing Facebook ads.

With our exhaustive strategy, we create your Facebook page (if required), and then find the right target customers for your Facebook ads. We ensure that you reach maximum targeted customers, at a time when most likely to be clicked, and are able to receive benefits from social media advertising initiative.

Setting up Facebook Advertising

We further extend the following services to complete the setup of Facebook page.

  • Closely analyze your business goals and streamline the target market as per that
  • Develop high quality content for your identified target customers
  • Develop most effective keywords that can garner attention from the target customers
  • Monitor the geography of your target customers and analyze how they navigate social media
  • Ensure higher engagement with the help of videos and images
  • Suggest and streamline your target audience on the basis of age and demographics to improve your results

We extend social media support in the following cases:

  • After we start the social media campaign, either you manage it or have a new employee manage it for you
  • You continuously screen and update social media platforms
  • Your marketing department or webmaster is engaged to make the social media updates After we set it up, you have a person to manage the social media campaign
  • You monitor and plan the social media platforms yourself

Facebook Advertising Management

Setting up a campaign is not be all and end all of Facebook advertising. Mostly campaigns (In the form of Boost post or Suggested Posts) are short term, so it’s imperative to revisit them and keep a track of their performance. We can offer you an exhaustive social media approach wherein we take control of your social networks and help you drive new customers through them.

Different types of Facebook ads

Domain Ad

facebook advertising agency Supported placements: Right Column

There are a variety of ads that Facebook offers. Domain ads are the most common and simple type (as shown above) of Facebook ad that is accompanied with a title, brief description and URL of your website. Such ads are not visible on mobile devices as they appear on the right column of Facebook.

Page Post Link

facebook remarketing agency Supported placements: Right
Column Newsfeed Mobile

Newsfeed ads appear in the newsfeeds of users and are large and fairly common (to attract users) and are accompanied with text and link description. These ads promote external websites and offer direct link to the website being promoted.

Newsfeed ads are known to get attention from users and once any user leaves a comment or likes your Facebook page, there should be a response given to them.


facebook marketing services Supported placements: Newsfeed Mobile

It is also possible to promote multiple products (three or more) through the newsfeed ads (useful if you have an e-commerce site). Such ads are visible on your mobile and desktop. Each of the products can be displayed with its own picture. Such ads carry a greater potential of getting clicked.

These ads look similar to other newsfeeds of Facebook.

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