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Urgent Care marketing comes with its own unique challenges.

Created from 17 years in healthcare marketing, we deploy sophisticated online strategies to drive traffic to your website, convert visitors to patients, and keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Many digital advertising agencies are doing online advertising wrong. They focus simply on traffic and clicks. Our number one priority is effectively generating you new patients while increasing recurring visits from past patients.


People search for Urgent Care centers every month.

How many of these are new patients are visiting YOUR urgent care?
Urgent Care Association America

Online Marketing Solutions
For Urgent Care

Are you in front of the right people at the right time?


Target those who show interest in going to your Urgent Care with ads.

Are you at the top of search results?


Get found easily by people searching for the best Urgent Care.

Are you in front of potential patients on the go?


Be where your patients are at any place on their phones.

Does your brand have a way of building relationships with your patients?


Add a voice to your brand through social.

Can you get the patients that matter to you in your area?


Target your Urgent Care’s service area with virtual fencing.

If patients go to your competitors, how do you stay in front of them?


Target your competitor’s current and past patients.

Do your past patients keep you top of mind?


Stay top of mind with past patients to keep them coming back.

Do 98% of visitors leave your site and never come back?


Reach out to visitors that have left your site and bring them back.

more patients?

Overview of Urgent
Care Marketing

Even if you have an amazing website, getting new patients will continue to be a struggle if no one knows you exist. As a business owner, you must advertise across all devices to get new patients and increase recurring visits from past patients.

One marketing channel alone cannot do this. Paying to get your website promoted in Google is more effective when supported by non-paid search strategies like SEO. And getting in front of the right people at the right time is just as critical as showing up in Google, which is best achieved through programmatic advertising.

Using past customer data

With data onboarding, you leverage your company data to connect with previous patients and keep them coming back time after time.

  • By using your company data to create custom ads matched to the right person, you can effectively increase patient rate of return.
  • Easily change your message from season to season, and holiday to holiday.

Be in front of the right people at the right time
With virtual fencing, we can draw a fence on a geographic location and target those in the area
with your brand’s message.
  • Stay top-of-mind with those who have visited your clinic by drawing a virtual fence around your building. “Have you had your checkup yet?”
  • Access your competitor’s patients with a virtual fence around their clinics. Imagine an ad saying: “Free flu shot at our place”
  • Virtually fence your service area with branding ads so everyone in your area keeps you top of mind when they need to go to an Urgent Care. Imagine an ad saying: “Cold and Flu Season is here”
  • Geo-fence hospitals and their patients. Imagine an ad saying: “Wait too long at the ER?” or “Avoid ER costs”
  • Geo-fence pharmaceutical convenience stores and their potential patients.
Urgent Care Behavioral Retargeting

Reach people looking for your services across the web with your message based on their behavior.

When someone searches for and Urgent Care center or a service related to urgent care, keyword search targeting gets you in front of them wherever they go, phone, desktop, or tablet.

  • Keyword search retargeting: tags potential patients that searched for a term and shows your branded ads to them.
  • Contextual Retargeting: When a potential patient is researching content that is relevant to your business, you can target them in the moment.
  • Competitor Conquesting: When a potential patient uses a competing clinic’s brand name in a search, you can reach them where they go online to stay top of mind with them.

Site Retargeting

98.5% of people leave websites without taking action. Know what they were visiting you for and reignite that curiosity.

  • Whenever a potential patient visits your site and leaves, you can reach them again with an offer.
  • If a visitor was looking at a service your clinic offers and took no action, you can remind them to complete that action.
Digital Marketing Site Retargeting

Where we run social ads

Social media management helps your Urgent Care connect with patients, outshine the competition, reach new potential patients, and get more web traffic.

  • Instagram Social media management 21%
    of Adults use


  • Pinterest Social media management 22%
    of Adults use


  • Twitter Social media management 19%
    of Adults use


  • Linkedin Social media management 23%
    of Adults use


  • Facebook Social media management 58%
    of Adults use



  • Upload email lists to social media that are targetable.
  • Retargeting on social media with a pixel on your Urgent Care site.
  • Target anyone that liked your page or target a lookalike audience.
  • Detailed targeting via location, gender, and age.
  • Dynamics creative based off a pixel on a website.


  • Generate more traffic, leads, and mentions, and across all devices.
  • Build a stronger brand through direct engagement and increased exposure.
  • Gain insight on your target market and competitors for stronger messaging and more relevant, engaging content.

Search Marketing

It takes a combination of Paid search ads and organic results to make sure you’re at the top of search results over your competitors.

Google Search Marketing
Yahoo Search Marketing
Bing Search Marketing

SEO – Being at the top of organic search results pulls traffic in from Google and onto your site.

  • SEO takes time to ramp up, but shows drastic results after Google picks up on the changes.
  • When a patient searches for “Urgent Care” your website should show up in search results.

PPC – Paying to be in search results lets you get traffic based on keywords people are searching for

  • Results are almost instant, you get traffic and leads right from the start.
  • With over 30 million people search for Urgent Care you need to be in the space.
Search Results User Clicks
User Clicks on Search Results
PPC Listing Search Results
Top Paid Search Results User Clicks

Our clients are already
seeing massive success

On average, Digital Success clients experience a 78% rise in search engine rankings and a 570% return-on-investment.

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