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Based in Phoenix, Arizona, a florist approached Digital Success with an aim of upgrading their static and outdated site into a full-fledged ecommerce website that can add to their web revenue. Also, realizing the invaluable opportunity of mobility, the client wanted to move in the mobile space by building a fully-functional mobile app for their floral business.

The biggest challenge we found in upgrading the client’s website was their static site that was not intuitive at all. Technical glitches in the website were also common, making it a challenge to implement activities effectively.

We approached the issue, firstly, by identifying all the strategic points of improvement through a comprehensive internal assessment. We then rectified all the technical glitches on their website, and built some new features (such as Shopping cart, and Order Tracking) that were relevant, both for their ecommerce and mobile market. We also streamlined their product categorization, simplified the registration process, allowed features that facilitated product and price comparison, and introduced various promotional offers in the form of coupons and discounts for purchases.

At the end of 6 months of implementing these activities, our client saw an instantaneous improvement in business:

  • 20% increase in conversion rates
  • 18% increase in overall sales
  • 35% increase in average time spent on the site
  • 25% order value coming from the mobile app
  • Transformed online image, leading to creating a brand value for the client in the Phoenix region.

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