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MoldLab had a website which was built years back and was not compliant to modern design standards or the SEO best practices, which was definitely making them miss out on better customer engagement and Google rankings both. Owing to an archaic website, the website apparently had many gaps which they wanted taken care in the newer version, which would be lighter, more beautiful and more user and search engine friendly.

The website development process was so timed with the hurricane Harvey that, the client saw an opportunity where their services could help many people. They needed a short-term campaign that could be executed quickly with a far-reaching impact.


Digital Success developed a SEO-friendly WordPress website for the client as the development and SEO team worked in tandem. There was a lot of focus on making the website responsive and to optimize user flow. The resultant website was appealing, engaging and started ranking high on search engines within a few months.

The team quickly put together an AdWords campaign to target Hurricane hit areas with relevant ads and keywords. The aggressive paid campaign yielded a large volume of relevant traffic to well-designed and impactful landing pages and generated a high number of leads for them.


Solution Breakdown:

  • Website revamp with optimized key SEO ranking factors
  • Responsive website
  • AdWords account set up
  • Continuous Account optimization for maximum impact after hurricane Harvey

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