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Use remarketing to reach past website visitors and app users

Remarketing gives you the ability to target the visitors who have left your website with an ad. When someone goes to your website, doesn’t buy anything, and leaves they’re usually gone forever. Remarketing ads changes that by allowing you to win back their business and remind them of your benefits. They can see your ads all over the internet or on mobile apps.

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Why companies all over the globe use remarketing

Remarketing works as a flexible tool that can either drive sales, enhance registrations, promote a product, promote your brand, or promote a service. Here are a few of the ways it does this:

  • Reach people as they’re looking to buy: By reaching out to people as they’re researching and visiting multiple website, you have the opportunity to highlight your brand with remarketing. This provides a touchpoint for your company and the prospect that reaches them at the most pivotal time in the buying cycle.
  • Campaigns centered around your goals: Remarketing campaigns are highly customizable and can quickly change based on your evolving business goals. Creating a campaign to focus on those who abandon a shopping cart is incredibly easy.
  • Quickly scale up: Those using remarketing can reach around 2 million different websites online on the Google Display Network alone.
  • Extremely efficient price structure: Remarketing ads almost always cost from 2-100 times less than a standard text-based search engine ad. You can create optimized performance campaigns that automate the bidding strategies within Google. This allows the ad manager to get the best possible price for showing their ad and having it clicked.
  • Quick and easy ad creation platform: Creating remarketing ads can be somewhat painless if you’re using the platform’s ad creation studio. These are usually clean and streamlined. However, if you go all in on remarketing it could pay off to create more original ads through a third party ad creation platform.
  • Complete control over where and how your ads show: With remarketing, you will always know which sites people are seeing your ads, where they are, what you’re paying, and who they are demographically.
Remarketing can be used generally to target everyone, but it can also become hyper targeted and do many high-value operations like the following:

  • Recapture those who have abandoned a cart with an ad made especially for them.
  • Show an advertisement highlighting the product/service your visitor viewed but hadn’t taken action on.
  • After a visitor clicks a remarketing ad and doesn’t take action, you can show them a special ad meant for final stage brand recall.

Who Uses Remarketing Strategies?

Most large companies that have marketing departments use remarketing for brand recall purposes and to get more sales. Many companies employ remarketing purely for the brand awareness it provides as you don’t have to pay when someone sees your ad, only when they click it. As long as you set up your website to drop a cookie into your visitor’s history, you can use remarketing. Setting your website up to be able to do this takes less than five minutes.

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