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SAAS SEO Case Study
A~13x jump in Organic Traffic in 12 Months

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In just 12 months, over 1,245 % growth in organic traffic registered for a global SAAS based Employee Engagement Platform provider!


6 years in business, offering customer & client engagement service through its SAAS platform, catering global clientele

Key Challenges

  • Low search result visibility
  • Only branded terms were contributing to whatever organic traffic there was
  • So much of content was being developed but was not leveraged effectively for any traffic or link benefit
  • Poor overall ROI on marketing investment
  • Fairly competitive niche
  • So many established players
  • To much of content is out there, saturated infospace

Solution & Core Strategy Employed

  • Exhaustive study of all technical factors vital to SEO
  • Content cleaning based on choicest of keywords
  • Aggressive syndication of existing content to maximize visibility
  • Advance link acquisition campaign targeting competitors and top ranking results on intended keywords
  • GSC data based page level micro on - site optimization
  • Internal linking improvement
  • Application of Seven DS Magic Tweaks on all top landing pages


A- Total Traffic improvement

Text - Total traffic went up from 1937(Jan'21) to 11,785 sessions (Nov'21) - A percentage growth of 508.41%

B- Organic traffic improvement

From 549(Jan'21) to 7,382 sessions (Nov'21) - percentage growth of 1,244.62%

Keyword Rankings on Google [US]

Total 177 keywords rankings climbed upto top-10 positions of Google in over 12 Month from just 6 in Jan 21

Search Impressions / Click Share [ GSC]

  • Over 12 months the website received 49K Clicks and 2.75M Impressions on Google search
  • From just 13 Clicks & 3.5K Impressions per day in Jan`21, same site is made to receive over 350 Clicks & 20K Impressions per day in Jan`22

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Numbers never lie, with Digital Success you can be rest assured of guaranteed ROI on SEO spent. Our experienced specialists believe in delivering unbelievable success through SEO for all our clients. SAAS is our forte, we have delivered smiles on numerous startup SAAS companies over past 3 years.

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