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Therma-Flite Therma-Flite Therma-Flite


Therma-Flite, Inc. is an industrial products manufacturer using a blend of established technologies with innovative techniques, processes and methods. The client wanted to boost their online presence and bolster their rankings on search engines.


Digital Success team used a methodical process, proven expertise and experience to create a SEO strategy. After a thorough research of the client’s keywords, the team worked on improving the search engine ranking for the most relevant keywords. The team optimized the on-page SEO elements and improved the content and UX on all the top landing pages. The team also worked extensively to improve the site speed and content marketing strategy to provide an extra mileage in terms of their online traffic.


Solution Breakdown:

  • Content marketing campaign included content syndication with increased traffic from guest blogging and related content syndication channels
  • Extensively worked on on-page SEO elements
  • Worked on off-page SEO elements like Business Listings, Press Release Syndication, Wikipedia Links Creation and Video Promotion
  • Worked on improving website speed and website content optimization

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