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5 Amazing SEO Tips for Online Success that eCommerce Websites Have Been Ignoring

By Chetan Saxena
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eCommerce website owners are always hungry for more online business. They seek dominance on search engines and SEO has proved to a great tool for smarter B2B businesses. It is critical as a solid approach to help your website gain more customers and fulfill your business purpose within less budget.

As a business owner, you have already invested in SEO. In fact, you have applied all the out-of-the-box SEO strategies to make your eCommerce website popular. If you are working with a good SEO agency or internal resources, they are using all the possible best practices to get you the visibility that you require on search engines. You can actually check if the SEO team is managing all the following pointers well.

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Site Structure
  • Internal Linking
  • UX
  • Responsiveness of website
  • Customer reviews
  • Engaging snippets
  • Social Media Integration

Yes, they are. But something is still amiss.

Given the stiff competition in the space, you probably need to kick the box and think hard.

What you have to start thinking is obviously beyond keywords, titles, meta descriptions, and H1s. SEO experts will tell you that the SEO strategy for eCommerce websites is different from static websites. It’s a more complex task as eCommerce websites are usually large and have dynamic databases at the backend. There is yet another challenge related to the technology, which is, that most of the eCommerce websites are developed using ASP, Cold Fusion or Perl and that adds it to the challenge of search engine rankings. Crawlers fail to read the URL of such eCommerce websites.

In spite of all the challenges, an eCommerce website can have outstanding search rankings if managed efficiently and using the right techniques.

There might be some basic SEO tips that you or your digital marketing agency might have been overlooking.

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1.    Image quality matters

There are a number of SEO experts who do not pay any heed to product images. It is a critical aspect to have high-quality product images that are optimized properly to help in increasing conversion rates and also improve search engine rankings. Google pays more attention to such minute details on the web pages.

Yet another key to get better ranking is to have a descriptive product name. For example, rather than having a random filename of your product like TYURGHT.jpeg, you should rename it to product_name.jpeg.

2.    Be original. It helps.

There are a number of business owners or SEO agencies which are lazy. They use duplicate content for similar products (experts feel 2 out of every 5 eCommerce website tends to have duplicate content). Write unique content for the entire website and develop different product descriptions for better search rankings. Do not forget to keep an eye for duplicate content.

3.    Keep a consistent URL structure and consistency

You have to decide on a standard URL structure and format that should be followed for all the pages of your website. Pay special attention to the words in the URL, which should be similar to the content on your website.

4.    Think about what are your customers searching for

Do you have an insight into what your customers are searching for? Make sure you try and answer the queries that answers of which your customers might be searching for. You can even intuitively predict what they are looking for and get ahead of competitors.

5.    Optimize your pages for Google, Yahoo, and Bing

It is absolutely critical to optimize the product pages for Bing, Yahoo, and Google. One must ensure that the product name is in <h1> tag and that the applicable meta tags are working properly. You can set up schemas markdowns for those extra details to show on search engines.

Before we conclude, it is important to understand that when SEO is done right, you will experience better quality traffic, more leads and repeat customers. You need to be constantly on top of all the latest that is happening in the SEO domain to get your SEO strategy right and boost the sales of your eCommerce website. Do the right SEO with us and get moving.

Now you know about E-commerce SEO tips, you might also be interested in Top 10 marketing essentials for E-commerce website to skyrocket conversions.

Your ecommerce website looks great, but it just isn’t enough. It’s not enough since it’s not getting you the traffic that can potentially turn into your customers. Pause and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you have a strategy that can boost your website traffic?
  • Do you know how customers perceive your ecommerce website?
  • Are you aware of the reasons for the high bounce rate from your website?
  • Do you know what happens after a user comes to your website and adds something in their cart?
  • Are you sure about reaching the most potential set of consumers?

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Well, I can go on and on but most likely, if you’re still reading this blog, the answer to all the questions above will be a ‘no’. If there’s one thing that is clear. You need something that can get you brand recognition, traffic, more conversions push in your sales and revenue, and a loyal consumer base. I will also mention the most important purpose of all – your need to outrank your competitors. Ecommerce website owners feel that their website has nothing to do with their sales. It’s their sales alone. It is exactly the reason why the website promotion is often omitted.

It is time to realize that with consumers turning to website on their desktops and mobile, just an ecommerce website alone will not help. You need to move to the next level and get your e-commerce digital marketing strategy in place to capture those hordes of consumers who are loyal to your competitors.

I have compiled the list of 10 essential marketing tips to help you grow your ecommerce website.

1. Create a content marketing strategy

Irrespective of your industry, a content marketing strategy is a must to drive traffic to your website. Content helps you to bring your website to life and is key to build a relation between you and your consumers. It can help generate backlinks and get SEO rankings.

You need to create informational and engaging blog that people want to share. It doesn’t help overnight but it helps to get you search engine rankings and popularity across social media channels.

2. Generate an email marketing campaign

Effective email marketing is the backbone of a digital marketing campaign. If you send them compelling emails that caters to their need and share information about offers/ promotions, the chances of success are high. Over a period, you can even establish what’s working and what’s not with metrics on open and click ratios of the emails.

3. Diversify your reach with social media platforms

There’s nothing that captures attention of the users like social media channels. Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Facebook and Pinterest are some of the social media platforms where you can create a profile and share engaging content. The purpose is to educate and inform your followers about your brand, your differentiators and your product range. don’t forget to assess the social media metrics to understand the channels that are able to draw your most potential consumers

Consider social media ads to get you access to your most desirable customers with a high likelihood to convert.

4. SEO is must

It is imperative to get your website higher than your competitors on search engines. You must employ the right SEO tips and tricks if you want to push your website on the top. If you miss on SEO, you will miss on the clicks that can convert to sales.

5. Implement a loyalty program

Build a rock-solid loyalty program that makes your customers to keep coming back. Reward them with freebies or cashback with purchases of a certain amount.

6. Keep a simple checkout process

The biggest failure for your e-commerce website is if your checkout/payment option is complicated or returns a 404 (page not found) error. You must ensure a thorough A/B test so that people don’t abandon their carts.

7. Optimize for mobile

Majority of your consumers are using smart phones to get through day-to-day tasks. Mobile-friendly interface or a responsive interface is a necessity.

Consider mobile advertising to connect with your most desired customers.

8. Push your customers to submit product reviews

Product reviews are a great way to enhance your social credibility, convince potential customers to buy products based on user feedback.

9. Use Pay per click

PPC can be highly effective if you use it wisely. Well-managed campaigns can yield results for you and generate the desired attention, traffic and conversions, if managed well.

10. Consider targeting wearable technology

Tech companies and consumers are investing in wearable technologies. Try to connect with your consumers who are using such technologies, and have your website gear up for the next gen technologies.

There are other ways to get traffic on your ecommerce website but most importantly you need a well-crafted digital marketing strategy. If you have any more questions, speak to one of our digital marketing experts today.

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