5 Digital Marketing Trends That Can Increase the Qualified Leads in the Real Estate Industry

By Kate John
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I hear people from the real estate industry often say that it’s getting highly competitive for them. Isn’t that true for all industries?

As an experienced digital marketing agency, we understand that the realtors face a huge competition from big real estate giants (in case they’re a mid-sized company) as they have a sizeable marketing budget.

Whether you believe it or not, the real estate market has moved online.

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Real estate agents are also aware that they no longer can avoid digital marketing if they wish to have visibility, trust and brand reputation in the market. People search for real estate agents online so SEO for real estate industry has always been important. Digital marketing is evolving constantly and relators need to use other channels that will help in effective lead generation and inquiries from the website.

Online marketing is the best solution to attract more qualified leads, interact with people and share information about your company. If your digital marketing agency can help you with a wholistic digital marketing plan and help you reach your marketing goal.

It is still critical to get your business in the Google-3 pack, which implies that it must appear in Google My Business, Google Maps and Google+. Some of the factors that govern the Google-3 pack are the age of your website, authority and quality of content.

Let’s evaluate the most critical areas where your digital marketer must help you given the current challenges.

1. Get a responsive website

It turns out that people are searching for real estate agents on their mobile devices.

This has turned to be the most important part of your digital marketing plan. People access websites and social media platforms on their mobiles and tablets. The number of people doing that is growing higher by the day. You just cannot ignore a mobile-friendly website and mobile-friendly SEO tactics.

You need to ensure that only an expert manages your mobile-friendly website for a seamless experience on all devices. Even search engines rank mobile-friendly websites higher than the ones that are not.

You must ensure that your website is responsive, fast, and has easy site navigation. You can run a mobile-friendly test to ensure that your website is up to the mark.

2. Dominate local search

Real Estate Business is extremely hyperlocal. You must optimize your website for local SEO to beat competition from tens and thousands large, mid-sized and even small real estate firms. Your digital marketer must work on the site and page structure, content, links and usability to rank well in local search.

With an expert, you will have a thorough keyword research and analysis, SEO-friendly URLs, optimized tags and meta description, optimized images, detection of broken links, content optimization and rework on XML sitemap.

3. Use social media to reach your potential clients

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – can be most effective for realtors. These social media platforms can be used to post pictures, promote listings, target a specified set of potential customers, strengthen your brand, get positive reviews and high ratings and start a conversation with your followers.

Social media is also an amazing place to create viral content like videos and images. For example, one can create a clip of the house on sale. Be visible in online events like local community events and school events. You can use Twitter to connect with local business community, powerful influencers and brands.

Social Media can also help you in SEO rankings. It increases your brand exposure and builds your brand as a leading and trusted brand.

4. Try to earn featured snippets

It’s difficult to earn featured snippets but an experienced digital marketer can help you with it. You must optimize your content to earn featured snippets. Your chances get better if you use more of long-tail keywords and phrases and use keywords that matter to users. The secret is to use question-focused headings and sub-headings and write it in a way that can fit a featured snippet section.

5. Register with relevant business directories

Identify the most relevant business directories and register your website. You must ensure accurate, complete and consistent information about your business across all sources. For example, your business description, logo, address, phone numbers and email addresses.

You must check the accounts regularly. If people leave messages or ratings, you must send a thank you note. There is a smart way to manage negative reviews and ratings. Promote your positive feedback well as it can help garner attention from online leads.

Are you unhappy with your digital marketing agency or wish to turn sales in your favor? We’re just a link away.

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