Bygone are the days of “Facelift Launch” event and bang of Media coverage, latest is “invite only”

By Kate John
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Hi everyone, I just stumbled upon this URL: in the morning today and it somehow triggered me to think about all that follows:


What shall we call this tactic of marketing? It seems the marketing brains at E-commerce giants have discovered yet another leak in the psychology of Indian consumer, that tends to make them extremely inquisitive when a stuff (or information about the stuff precisely) is offered in a manner that makes people feel privileged and supplemented with seemingly easy to execute call to actions.


What an exploit we are witnessing today! The same “Made in china” hardware shrouded in shimmering packaging is capable of producing an opiating effect on the masses.


I am still wondering to figure out the elements that could be attributed to this amazing phenomenon. Is it the channel that is making a difference and enabling people to respond distinctly to a message otherwise, would have neglected?


From Xiomee to Gionee, to Oppo, and to Huwai and now this Oneplus, I feel that if not impossible, it would have been extremely difficult to create such a market appeal via any channel other than Digital.


Here is what I think and experience of Digital channels as a facilitator to this exploit of consumer psychology.


#1- Digital channels appears to have the capability to generate perception that “prompted actions” are much easier to execute, consider a Print advertisement that ask you to write them back a mail in order to be eligible for some product that they want “you” to purchase. This apparent saving of time is what I experience is the first trigger to make us respond to such messages, in Digital landscape.


#2- Digital facilitates “inexpensive” aura that is capable of creating illusion of feeling special and exclusive, and that too instantly. You see, the moment I saw this mailer with text “Invite only”, back of my mind (sub-consciousness) already has started a journey that imagines me to be special and privileged out of the billions of the Internet population and triggers in me inquisitiveness to go ahead and visit the link.


#3- Digital could deliver virtual experience(s) in real time that are very close to reality and are capable of triggering similar thoughts and emotions comparable to that of real life situations, for example you participate in an online contest of any sort, just try measuring the enthusiasm with which you make your performances and what could have been different if it was in real? You will find that whether it was answering a few questions or writing a punch line or anything else, you would attempt it as if was all a reality show!


#4- Digital is capable of retaining the interest of potential consumer in an unbroken manner, throughout the “Funnel”. No longer in Digital world exists a set of experiences that are particular to a stage in Funnel (Marketing /sales/decision) with pauses or breaks in between the transitions. The experiences delivered are rather more integrated and sort of all at once type. Just like a cluster bomb, you are made to perceive to have all of it at once. This broadens the scope of psychological play.


#5- Digital is capable of passing on psychological suggestions efficiently that tend to shift a person’s focus from “Product” to self. The concept of product differentiation is overruled by concept of “possession of the exclusive” and even the similar offering appears to be fresh and worthy of consumers time and money.


Thus, this accidental discovery of the power and influence of Digital to human psychology, by marketing brains of E-commerce giants is proving itself as a viable tool to even create market that did not exists.


Everything mentioned here is subjected to further exploration and I would come up with more thoughts as they are compiled.


Experience it yourself at:

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