How a Cappuccino Helped an IT Company to Increase Online Inquiries

By Chetan Saxena
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It happened as we met over a cup of cappuccino. The CEO of the mid-sized Dallas IT Company wasn’t quite aware that it would take him a ‘special’ cup of cappuccino to close more deals (and find a solution). As he sipped the warm liquid (and I took a bite of the gooey chocolate cake), he mentioned that he was worried though he had enough visitors on the site, but they didn’t convert.

There just wasn’t enough conversion (typical, I thought as I slurped the chocolate dripping from my mouth).

It’s true that in many cases, visitors don’t perform a call to action on the website as they are typically in research mode first time around (multi-tab browsing) and they end up with zeroing down on nothing

I listened intently to all the challenges he had to share and thought of the most appropriate solution for him. After he was done, he looked at me to suggest something. And I, at the blink of an eye, said ‘Remarketing’ (of course to be met back with a quizzical look).

I went on to explain, it’s simple, remarketing or retargeting is a way that you remind your customers of you. Once a visitor comes to your website, they will keep seeing your ad even when they visit other websites. It is currently one of the most successful strategies to bring visitors back to your website and convert them into customers. Technically speaking, when a visitor comes to your website, a line of code will drop a cookie into their browser and when they visit other websites, the cookie notifies the ad network to display your remarketing ad.

Mr. CEO was getting excited. He remembered a particular example where the Blackberry Curve ad kept chasing him while browsing other websites.

And the other time, he kept seeing Trivago ad on every website he visited. He agreed that remarketing was definitely a way that assures re-engagement with the lost customers. People are busy and have record-low attention spans. So, it is so important to keep reminding them of your presence. In fact, we also discussed its advantage over direct emailers as people will notice an impactful ad on a website they are visiting rather than an email that lies dead in their mailbox.

Over the next few meetings, our Digital team discussed their key areas of focus, the company’s target market and his brand positioning. But of course, the success of any remarketing campaign is in the copy that you create.

It has to be impactful, complete and crisp (which are difficult to get all at the same time).

DSA’s content team worked their magic on the ad copy to have eye-catching headlines, powerful, short, and convincing CTA. The design team worked to create well-crafted banner ad designs to help their customers recall the brand.

Over the next 3 months, the client’s website had nearly 2000 lost visitors come back to them. They recalled the website since they have visited it previously. This combination of their previous visit and the banner recall created a stronger connection. They got 85 more leads in a flat 3 months over their usual quota in that period.

They also experienced a unique benefit that comes with remarketing. A drastic improvement of their brand equity. When people see your ads on popular websites and portals, they are impressed. They think they can trust your brand.

The DSA team shares a joke that remarketing is a strategy similar to wooing back your angry girlfriends (customers). You have to chase them to persuade them.

Are you ready to woo back your customers?

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