Magnify Your Business’s Visibility with Local SEO

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Magnify Your Business’s Visibility with Local SEO


As a local business, it is extremely important for you to rank higher on the Local SEO rankings. While there might be many ways you can use to rank higher, it is best that you contact a well reputed Local SEO service provider.  In addition, you must know what local is SEO and how it can magnify your businesses visibility with the consumers.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a means to increase your local visibility for businesses that operate on a face-to-face basis. For all such local businesses, it is extremely important to score well on the local SEO rankings in order to make their presence felt in the industry. These local firms can range from Laundry service providers to dentists or any other service provider that you can search for in the vicinity of an area.

According to expert local SEO services, here is what a professional SEO company in Dallas will look for while optimizing your business to rank higher on Local SEO rankings.

  • Relevance

How relevant you are to the search user? Are you offering services that the user is looking for?

  • Distance

How far are you located from the user? The nearer you are the better.

  • Prominence

The prominence deals with the prestige and fame of your business.

How a Local SEO company Will Help You Improve Local SEO Visibility?

  • A Local SEO Service Will Help you in Listing on Google My Business (GMB)

Enlisting on google is extremely important for your local business. A local SEO company will help you in properly listing your business on GMB. For instance, the local SEO company will look for:

The correctness of NAP Details

The company will ensure that the NAP (Name, address and Phone number) that you have provided on your website is the same as that on your Google listings.

The local SEO Company will also make sure that you have all your branches listed on the webpages, along with their associated NAP on the contacts page as people might want to reach you out in different cities.

Categorize Your Business

Categorizing your business in the right business category is extremely important to magnify your local SEO rankings. You can try and add as many relevant categories to your listing as possible as it will help in improving your SEO ranking. Here is what Google has to say on the matter and a few tips on how you can select the right category for your business.

In the light of this knowledge, a well-reputed local SEO service provider will greatly help you to smoothly enlist your business on the GMB listing.

Don’t Stuff Keywords

One major problem that has been observed with GMB is the stuffing of keywords in the title and description of the business. Usually, these mistakes are observed in case you are not consulting any professional local SEO service provider.

When talking about the title of your business, don’t forget to mention the city and state where your business is located to increase the local SEO visibility for the potential customers. For instance, “SEO services in Dallas,” is a good example of providing precise information to the visitor just by the title.

Have a Link to Your Website

In case you operate in more than one region, you should have a separate page for each of the locations then you must select the web-link for the specified location for the specific location. This will help customers to directly reach your Local SEO page and help improve your visibility online.

Add Photos and Images

Photos and images give legitimacy to your business on GMB and consumers feel more comfortable in dealing with a business that has photos and images to back–up to its existence.

In order to crease out all these issues and ensure that you are prominent in the GMB realm, it is highly recommended to seek services from a professional local SEO company.

  • A Local SEO Company will help in Effectively Managing your Reviews

Another extremely important factor that a local SEO company in Dallas can help you with is the proper management of customer reviews.

According to a survey from BrightLocal it was discovered that more than 86% consumers read reviews for local businesses and 57% of consumers will only buy if a local business has more than 4 stars or above reviews. As such it is extremely important for you to get positive reviews to improve your clientele and Local SEO visibility.

It might be interesting for you to know that search engines have different ways of evaluating reviews. For instance, the major factors that the search engine looks for are:

Volume of Reviews

The businesses with the most positive reviews rank higher up in the Local SEO as compared to businesses with a lower number of reviews.

Semantic of Reviews

Amazingly, search engines like Google have developed algorithms that can pick up “positive” and “negative” words from the reviews. As such, Google can segregate Positive reviews from negative ones and rank your business based on the net positive reviews received.

Furthermore, Google can also segregate between the words like “great”, “terrific,” or “best,” will be ranked higher than words like “average,” “fine,” and “Ok”.

Quantitative Rating Matters

Also, Google can search for the star/numerical rating systems and segregate between the reviews.

Cross-Platform Reviews Are Important

It is important to note that platforms like Facebook and Yelp are searched by thousands of local business researchers every day.  As a result, it is important for you to maintain good reviews on such platforms too.

Age of the Reviews Counts

Another major factor that adds to your visibility on the Local SEO scene is the age of the reviews. According to a survey, it was discovered that 73% of the consumers do not give much weight to the reviews that are 3 months or older. As such, you must strive to maintain a continual flow of reviews for the business in order to rank higher in the local SEO searches.

Thus, you can see that managing your reviews online can be a headache if you set out on the arduous journey. Meanwhile, Local SEO service providers can greatly help and optimize your review management system.

Also, the local SEO Company also analyzes the quantity and quality of your clients’ reviews and helps create a better customer relationship. This will certainly help you in increasing your local visibility and rank higher on local SEO searches.

Remember; never rely on fake reviews for your business as sooner or later search engine Algorithms will discover this and you might even lose your business website.

  • Local SEO Service Will Help in Social Media Management

Another major aspect that a local SEO Company can help you with is the Social media management of your business.

It might be interesting to know that major search engines like Google have limited visibility for Social media platforms other than Google.

And as it has been observed that people also search for services and products on social media it is important to have a business page on all the major social media platforms.

Make sure that you have a compelling business page that depicts your NAP prominently and has a clear call-to-action.

Since social media uses your location information their search engines are optimized to look for services in the vicinity of your present location.

Also, it is important to have a distinct name for your business, with an engaging logo that doesn’t let people mix you up with other similar businesses.

But once you hire a reputed Local SEO service provider, you will not have to worry about all these aspects.

  • The Local SEO Company will check your Website Optimization for Local Searches

The same rules that apply for the normal SEO also apply for Local SEO when it comes to developing your website. Here are a few ways that a local SEO Company in Dallas will apply to optimize your website for local SEO:

Easy to Read Content

The company will optimize your content so that it becomes easy-to-read. Since, “crawlers,” used by different search engines take the readability of the webpage into account when ranking your page on SERP lists.

Keywords Placed at Important Locations

The SEO service providers will ensure that the content has relevant keywords that relate to your business. These keywords will further help crawlers in matching the searched words with your website content. The company will also ensure that you have optimized the website with the sufficient number of keywords, and have placed them at important positions like sub-headings and headings so that the search engine will rank your page higher on the SERP list.

Site Structure Matters

Another major factor that the SEO Company will look for will be the structure of your website. Test the website numerous times before finally launching it. If your website has broken links or data is behind “sign-ins” and more images than content, then the search engine will have difficulty in locating you.

Mobile SEO

Another important aspect that the local SEO service providers will help you on is the mobile optimization of the website. Since most of the users now use mobile phones to make searches; this greatly helps search engines to place your business higher on the search results.


Hence it can be seen that local SEO optimization of your business is a very technical and complicated job and as such requires the oversight from a professional Local SEO company. In case you are situated in Dallas then you can search for a Local SEO service in Dallas to help you optimize your business according to the Local SEO requirements. This can greatly help you in doing well on the Local SEO rankings and help take your business to a higher level of success.

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