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What are Must-Attend Digital Marketing Conferences in 2017 in the US to Grow Your Business

By Kate John
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With the start of New year, I’m really hoping 2017 is going to be a big year for Digital marketing with new innovations and changes.  From SEO to PPC to Social Media and Affiliate marketing, etc., this world is growing and evolving every day. It’s important to go with the market trend and changes to be in the competition. You can stay up and awake on the trends by attending various Digital Marketing Conferences happening around you.

It’s not always easy to take out time from business meetings and busy schedule to attend conferences, but taking out time for industry specific conferences can give future benefits. As in these conferences, you can learn what’s new in the industry and it also gives you chance to strengthen your business network.

So, here I would like share list of some must attend Digital Marketing Conferences which are going to happen in January & February 2017 in the US.

NamesCon 2017

Where: NV, Las Vegas

When: Jan 22-25, 2017

Category: Domains

Price: $501 to $1000

Why You Should Attend: NamesCon is the biggest domain name industry event in the world. And, it is expected that 2017 is going to be a record-breaking year with more than 1400 attendees.

SocialMedia.Org Brands-Only Summit

Where: FL, Orlando

When: Jan 23-25, 2017

Category: Social

Price: $1001 to $1500

Why You Should Attend: Because this event is focused on what you need to be a successful social media leader. If you are doing Social Media for Big brands than this conference is going to be really helpful for you. With this, it is going to be the fantastic networking opportunity for the business owners.

The Connected Marketer Summit and Awards

Where: CA, San Francisco

When: Jan 23-24, 2017

Category: Digital

Price: free or up to $500

Why You Should Attend: The first-ever Connected Marketer Summit will be hosted by mCordis in San Francisco on January 24, 2017.Leading brand marketers and MarTech providers will share their perspective and insights about connected marketing. This is also the good opportunity for marketers who want to practically execute connected marketing practices as this summit is also going to demonstrate tactical execution of connected marketing practices.


Where: TX, Austin

When: Jan 25-26

Category: Local

Price: up to $500

Why You Should Attend: Learn about how to conquer local with data-backed insights, tactics, and strategies. Industry leaders will help in understanding how to drive more local business to your agency.

Social Media Strategies Summit: San Francisco

Where: CA, San Francisco

When: Feb 7-9, 2017

Category: Social

Price: $2001 and up

Why You Should Attend: Social Media Strategies Summit is most comprehensive social media conference in the US. If you would like to learn secrets to success on social media from market leaders, then this is the must-attend conference for you.


Where: FL, Orlando

When: Feb 10-11, 2017

Category: Influencer

Price: $501 to $1000

Why You Should Attend: IZEAFest is going to be the 2-day event on Influencer Marketing bringing together Brands, Creators, and Agencies.

B2B Marketing Exchange

Where: AZ, Scottsdale

When: Feb 20-22, 2017

Category: B2B

Price: $1001 to $1500

Why You Should Attend: This is a must-attend event for marketers catering B2B marketplace. In this event market leaders are going to cover Account Strategies, Messaging Frameworks, Demand Acceleration and Sales Enablement techniques which can be helpful in improving the marketing cycle for marketers.

Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2017

Where: FL, Fort Lauderdale

When: Feb 21-22, 2017

Category: Digital

Price: $501 to $1000

Why You Should Attend: The Pubcon SFIMA Summit 2017 is going to be little different from other summits as this one is going to cover all the Digital Marketing pillars such as local social media, digital marketing, and search-related research and much more.

Digital Summit Phoenix

Where: AZ, Phoenix

When: Feb 22-23, 2017

Category: Digital

Price: up to $500

Why You Should Attend: As Digital Summit is going to give you practical suggestions which you can use to improve your customer strategies. Digital Summit is going to cover below-mentioned areas:

-Search SEO


– Content

-Mobile + Video




SearchLove: San Diego

Where: CA, San Diego

When: Feb 23-24, 2017

Category: Search

Price: $501 to $1000

Why You Should Attend: Search Love is going to be 2 day event going to cover all the crucial digital marketing topics. Most importantly this event is going to give the detailed overview of analytics and optimization, to content and paid promotions.

MozCon Local 2017

Where: WA, Seattle

When: Feb 27-28, 2017

Category: Local

Price: $1001 to $1500

Why You Should Attend: Industry leaders are going to share deep knowledge about local marketing and SEO. This event is going to be an informative event for both national and regional brands, business owners and agency marketers. Marketers can learn very helpful tips and trick to improve their customer’s performance and also can share their knowledge with other agency marketers.

Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit West

Where: CA, San Francisco

When: Feb 27-28, 2017

Category: Digital

Price: $2001 and up

Why You Should Attend: If you are into Financial Services domain then this is must-attend summit for you as in this summit you can learn great tactics to differentiate your financial brand by market leaders.

Social Media Week: New York

Where: NY, New York

When: Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017

Category: Social

Price: $1001 to $1500

Why You Should Attend: Social Media Week is going to be great knowledge sharing event happening in New York. Industry Leaders in technology, media, and marketing will be here to deliver inspiring and educational knowledge. In this event, you can get the chance to know about new ideas, learn about new trends and build relationship with other marketers to take your business to next level.

eTail West 2017

Where: CA, Palm Springs

When: Feb 27-Mar 2, 2017

Category: Retail

Price: $1501 to $2000

Why You Should Attend: If you want to learn some new innovations, trends and know about a successful case study in the retail sector then eTail is the best place to learn all these things.

LSA 2017

Where: CA, Palm Springs

When: Feb 27-Mar 1, 2017

Category: Local

Price: $1001 to $1500

Why You Should Attend: The LSA conference is a gathering for local marketing community and it solves topics and critical issues happening in the industry. It’s a great platform to learn new tactics to improve marketing skill and share experience with other marketers.

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