The Aerial Power of Online Quizzes and Why Should You Embrace Them for Success?

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A couple of weeks ago, I came through this SEO quiz published on Search Engine Land by Eric Enge. I’m a great fan of Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen’s SEO knowledge, and the contribution Stone Temple Consulting made in the industry.

This specific quiz is very tough yet a fun. I scored 14 out of 20 questions correctly, and I think, it’s decent as one of Google’s employees could answer 17 questions. Can I get a job in Google’s Search Algorithmic department? Kidding J

Do Quizzes improve kids learning?

Azorlosa, J. W., and Teaching of Psychology journal admit it. Rum Tan from Smile Tutor says about it – “Learners can answer without feeling bad about having a wrong answer as can happen in a class. No other student knows.”

But on another side where I continually try to get interactive marketing ideas, it made me think that how can someone leverage out different sort of quizzes on a website, blogs, and social media.

I agree that Quizzes offer people the fun and interactive experience. For education purpose, it’s a great way as a learning tool for students which can enhance the tutorial course experience. For businesses, it can generate more engagement, capturing leads, and on-going support for their long-lasting branding.

HubSpot revealed out of a survey that for over 63% of participants, generating web traffic and an innumerable amount of leads was their companies’ top marketing challenge. Added to it, 40% of participants feel that they do not get enough ROI out of their marketing activities.

Let’s dig a deeper into different content strategy statistics – blog assets and resources creation is the biggest priority for 53% of marketers, but only 22% of enterprises are satisfied with their conversion ratios. Aggregately, B2B companies allocate 28 percent of their entire marketing budget to content strategy, but the conversion results are far away from someone’s smugness. For every $92 spent on marketing efforts, it is only a dollar which gets converted in favor of businesses.

During my research of maximizing the ROI of online training programs, I came across this Asha Pandey’s post where she advocates the use of assessment strategy. It ensures that your training programs meet the much-needed cognition level and can bridge the identified gap. Tests and quizzes can help learners to checkpoint their subject knowledge.

The Famous Marketing Example (The Elephant Pants)

Today, The Elephant Pants is a successful retail brand, but when it started out, they needed fundraising, like many start-ups, trying to get their things started.

So, they initiated a Kickstarter campaign; and to get people to their campaign page and make them the fund, they picked up a quiz. They named it – “Which Pair of Elephant Pants Are You?

It was a short set of five questions and answering these questions triggered the appearance of a pair of The Elephant Pants to users, based on the quiz participants’ answers. Additionally, the result page also had a link to Kickstarter campaign page where people could actually fund the brand.

Luckily, the campaign made a huge success, and it also formed the foundation of their loyal customer base. It made them over $8,500, and they could launch successfully.

The quiz did so well helping them earn fund because it was so personalized and customer-centric. It matched the personality of the participants and showed them the most related product, the pair of pants.

Some more examples

People sauce them (quiz, games, and calculators) and brands try to reap the rewards it yields.

  • In 2013, on The New York Times Website, the most read story was actually a Quiz. It was published with the name – “How Y’all, Youse, and You Guys Talk” asking a couple of questions about the way people speak, and returned a personal dialect map out of the participants’ answers.
  • BuzzFeed is the undisputed ruler of online quizzes. They approximately publish 7 or 8 quizzes each day. 96 percent of people who attempt BuzzFeed quizzes, really finish them. They don’t bounce back.
  • An online quiz published back in 2014 on Play Buzz got remarkable 12K comments and thousands of shares.

So, interactive content forms like quiz and calculators are the future of digital marketing.

Personality Quiz

As verywell mind stated out, “It refers to techniques that are employed to consistently and accurately measure personality.” Psychologists do such thing when they try to assess personality on the systematic and scientific level.

A Personality quiz returns different outcomes depending on the participant’s answers (We’ve seen the example of The Elephant Pants).

These tests are used to:

  • Assess various theories and concepts
  • Measure the change in Personality
  • Evaluate the results of a therapy
  • Screening candidates for a job, etc.

Look at oodles of fun personality quizzes from Opinion Stage website.


In the marketing sense, psychology works well with quizzes. People are naturally drawn to hearing good things about themselves. Brands can put their audience in various personalities (obviously based on their answers) and offer them customized product recommendations.

Knowledge Quiz

We’ve talked earlier about SEO quiz published on Search Engine Land. These tests primarily challenge how much you know about a given subject. Brands can utilize these sorts of quizzes to analyze how much their customers know about their products.


Strategic Quizzes (you should have a clear goal and the roadmap, afterward) have clear wins. It has branding, engagement, traffic, link quality and ROI benefits. Don’t forget to promote them in a cross-channel environment – Embedding the quiz on your web page, picking it for Facebook promoted posts, and sharing the public result link will ensure your current and upcoming quizzes would get good reach.

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Neeraj Gupta is a creative writer from Smile Tutor agency who loves to share his thoughts with readers. In his free time, he enjoys writing fictions as well as reading others’ work. 

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