Top 10 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2015 in Flourishing Your Business Online

By Aron Allen
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It’s that time of the year when social media platforms are cluttered with all sorts of predictions for the New Year. What changes will the Digital Marketing industry see in delivering the digital marketing solutions in 2015? As New Year comes in, internet marketing service providers see a more advanced industry which will lay emphasis on each consumer on an individual basis. What will be the industry trends? Please find below the list of top 10 online marketing trends which we will likely see in 2015 –

  1. Marketing which is People-Centric – In the coming year, a marketer will have a better, clearer understanding of its target audience. They will have to surpass boundaries and stress on individual’s interests. In the coming year, Content will reign! It will be about disseminating the right information to the appropriate audience at the opportune moment. So, when you find that there is something relevant to your customer, it is likely that you will interact more. All this will result in more sales and increased customer satisfaction.
  1. Journalists will be in High Demand – Due to surge in creating innovative and unique content, it is predicted that there will be huge demand for journalists. Companies would require expert editors and writers will see new wave of opportunity. The requests for corporate storytellers and data journalists will rise.
  1. Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing will be Inextricably Linked – We all are aware of the fact that social media platform is the best platform to disseminate information. The coming year will see more use of this trend in an optimal manner and businesses will better capitalize this opportunity. The focus on social media distribution will base on increased organic usage and increased paid social media advertising in the coming year.
  1. Content Sharing will be the Topmost Priority – The web today is flooded with content. So, there will be centralized platforms where brands can create, collaborate, share and publish contents at full scale. Using such a strategy, marketers can measure which content is most and least performing.
  1. Are You Still Not Making Use of Video in Your Content Strategy – If you want to reach out to your prospects in real time, video sites such as YouTube and Vine are the best platforms. Its use has skyrocketed over the past few years and will continue to rise in the following year. You can create more engaging and user-generated content to make the most powerful impact.
  1. Fate of Guest Blogging – When Matt Cutts, the Google Head of Web Spam team said in January 2014, “guest blogging was going to die as a way to generate backlinks”, a furor was created in the digital marketing agency But, smart marketers knew what Cutts wanted to convey. He wants the platform to be used to deliver high quality, excellent and relevant content rather than using it solely as a link building technique.
  1. Businesses Would Want to Grow Their Audiences on their Own Terms – The upcoming year will see the growth of more owned and offline channels which will facilitate business owners to grow audiences on their own terms. Owned media will include corporate website, mobile site and the entire social media platform as they will retain the power to control and modify such platforms. They can foster their relationship with their clients as per their needs and requirements. Offline channels, on the other hand will include promotions on radio, TV, print etc. as there are still certain people who are using such distribution channels.
  1. Rise and Popularity of Content Marketing and Governance – Many companies set aside marketing budget for content marketing. They are moving from traditional marketing tactics to creating high quality content which is targeted at customer’s interests. Since content is being created for ‘n’ number of channels, a high priority will be laid on governance and compliance. The year 2015 will see a marked intolerance for mistakes in content particularly if you are from insurance and finance industry.
  1. Content Distribution will Form as the Most Strategic Step – Distribution of content at appropriate platforms will set the other businesses apart in this hyper-competitive business landscape. Optimizing your site for search and having a responsive mobile site, reaching out to influencers in your field, building relations with branded publications are just a few ways to ensure that your content reaches your target market.

10.  Increased Mobile Usage – The wave of population using smartphones is just not stopping! In fact, there can be seen a tremendous rise in the mobile device usage which gives the marketers an opportunity to target people in an effective way. This may make the desktop usage obsolete.

 Therefore, the dynamic industry wants such marketers who are adaptive in nature and how they carry out their strategies. Thus, local search marketing experts say that content distribution will move to the forefront for local SEO businesses whereas local search optimization will be about being behind the scenes to ensure technical compliance.


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