Basics of Marketing Automation to Boost Your Business Growth

By Aron Allen
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Firstly, marketing automation is nothing more than:

What is the true value marketing automation provides? Well, we’ve found varying answers to this question, all depending on how it’s used.

What you should always remember is this: Marketing automation will never be successful if a marketing department is not using it in tandem with other effective techniques like inbound marketing tactics.

Here are the awesome things you can do, and the not so awesome things you could choose to do.

What is capable with marketing automation?

  1. Track where potential customers are in the buying cycle
  2. Create personalized, custom offers based off demographics, buying cycle stage, and interests
  3. Ability to identify how ready a lead is to buy
  4. Ability to test every variable in your marketing processes and find the best methods
  5. Build landing pages, squeeze pages, and informative on-site pop ups tailored to each visitor
  6. Find a hard and fast ROI grounded in qualitative data
  7. See specific actions visitors took on your site and opportunities to better your online sales cycle
  8. Automate custom email marketing campaigns based off analytics

What can be screwed up with marketing automation?

  1. Using marketing automation as a substitute to a top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy
  2. Buying a list of emails simply for email automation. Never do this.
  3. Automating email blasts and on-site pop ups while ignoring the receiver’s stage in the buying cycle, interests, or personal details
  4. Using marketing automation as simply an alternative to manually sending emails

But really, the most beneficial thing marketing automation offers us isn’t even listed. Marketing automation service has allowed us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture on what our potential customers really want. All the analytics tools and conversion rate optimizers can’t quite offer us what marketing optimization has been able to.

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Successful marketing automation- what do I have to do?

  • You have to see your leads as the human beings they are.

Marketing automation will provide you with all the data and tools to do this, but it’s up to you as a marketer in the end to execute your strategy based off what they customer actually wants.

  • Actually use marketing automation to its full potential.

This means you need to think about what you need before you buy. Marketing automation service is a capable of a lot, as you should know by now, so it’s not likely you will use every single thing that the big bucks can buy.

  • Be able to fully ingrain your marketing automation software with your maintained CRM.

They’re built to do so for a reason. This makes the sales and marketing relationship stronger and more efficient. Marketing automation alone cannot build this foundation.

  • Have the capacity to fuel your marketing automation with consistent content.

Marketing automation is the skeleton you need to constantly be feeding quality content to. Without it, your marketing automation is useless spam saying “pay me money!” and no one wants that.

Final Words

You don’t have to look far to find all success stories from companies that decided to use marketing automation. And it’s true, marketing automation has the capacity to lead to endless opportunities for the many businesses that are willing to take the time to use it properly.

Do you think you’re ready for marketing automation?

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