How Do Successful Site Retargeting Strategies Work? Asking an Expert

By Chetan Saxena
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The power of targeting visitors who have already engaged with your brand with visual ads is only beginning to be fully tapped. We know extensive knowledge of site retargeting has been found in the recent years, so we decided to have one of today’s digital marketing experts, Chetan Saxena, share that knowledge with us.

After investing thousands into learning how successful site retargeting strategies really work, this is what he had to say –

  • What’s the most useful thing or biggest reason you use site retargeting?

“To properly answer this question, I need to cover a few points. First of which is that site retargeting clicks always cost the advertiser 2-100 times less than a search ad. However, search ads convert clickers only 10% more often than those that click on a site retargeting ad. That’s already a good deal, but it gets much, much better.”

“The second reason I’ve found so much success in site retargeting, is the powerful branding opportunity it’s given us. Most companies invest thousands to get people on their website, but once they leave, those visitors completely forget about that brand altogether. Our proof is in the numbers. After we decided to dive into site retargeting we doubled our campaign budget, which led to a 74% increase in people typing our site URL directly into their search bars. This means our overall brand recall was heavily increased simply when someone saw our ads!”

“The last point I want to make is that you can get extremely targeted traffic with site retargeting if you do it right. What this means is that you don’t have to just target every single person that visited your website’s homepage. You can target those who abandoned a cart, visited a specific service page and offer a tailored ad for them, or even serve a specific ad to those who clicked an ad and left the landing page you set for them. Now that’s what I call custom targeting.”

  • What are the most interesting truths you’ve learned while site retargeting?

“Two big things come to mind. The first of which I discovered after looking through thousands of ads and finding that the conversion rate of users who view an ad actually increases overtime as they see your ad multiple times. Here’s what I mean”

“After finding this data, we decided it was safe to either set a frequency cap to stop showing ads after number 6 or rotate to a different ad”

“Secondly, I’m not completely sure who spawned the myths that surround site retargeting, but I’m here to tell you what I know to be true. It’s important you know that ‘ad fatigue’ does exist, but it isn’t because users are becoming creeped out by your ads. People simply have their ‘ad blinders’ on like most of us who browse the internet do because we’ve looking for something specific when we browse.”

“I fact, I’m so confused as to why this thought exists, I’ll reference my own numbers on this topic”

“This should also be understood that you can rotate multiple different ads to the same user. Thus, ad fatigue is not truly a constraint for site retargeting campaigns.”

What makes a successful site retargeting campaign?

“The 3 basic success mantras for site retargeting are re-engage, relevant and reinvent.”

Remember that your users are distracted all the time. Which is why it is so important to remind, re-connect and re-engage with them. Give them a compelling reason to come back with offers, surprises and discounts.

If your customer was to click on the site retargeting ad to land up on a page which doesn’t relate, you are bound to lose a customer for good. Being relevant is the key to give your customers what they are looking for and that too quickly.

Reinvent with a different message or promotional offer. For example, rather than showing the shopping cart / items to the customer, ask them for a quick feedback on the website or request them to participate in a quick survey.

Should everyone be using site retargeting?

“Simply based off what I’ve stated at the beginning of this interview, I think that answer to this is clear. site retargeting has incredible potential, it’s simply up to each individual company to accept and embrace it. I always tell people – if you could remind every customer that’s walked out your doors only to completely forget about you that you still exist and can solve their problems – why wouldn’t you?”

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