How to Get the Most Success from Your Mobile Landing Pages?

By Kate John
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So you’ve got your mobile site set up, you feel like it is optimized, and your PPC campaigns are ready to go. But how can you be sure that you’re getting the most conversions from your current set up? Take a look at these following tips that are really useful.

First Things First, Have Your Page Load Fast

There’s nothing quite as annoying as searching something you’re excited about on your phone only to have to stare at a blank screen for what feels like an eternity. This mentality exists because when you break out for phone, you generally want the information right now.

On a laptop or computer you have time to sit back and think about something else or pop open a new tab in the meantime, but mobile users don’t function like this.

Bottom line, if the website is slow, mobile users will simply try a different site. If you can get your load time under three seconds, you’re doing it right, but the faster the better. Anything over five a second loading time, and you should expect a drastic drop off in conversions.

Never Complicate your Desired Call-To-Action

A best industry practice that has been proven to work is to have only one call-to-action on your landing page. More than one will potentially confuse visitors, especially those with limited screen space like those on a mobile device. If it impossible to pull off what you’re trying to accomplish, add the secondary call-to-action conversions further below the main and less visually impactful.

This story only holds true for selling to consumers. When selling to another business, never have any other call-to-action besides the main one visible on the page. Statistically, having other conversion metrics in the same landing page when dealing with B2B has been shown to be a huge mistake.

As you have probably noticed while navigating the mobile world, clickable buttons more often than not appear as benefits like “claim your free spot” rather than “buy now”. This is simply a clever way of saying “no strings attached” which is a lot more appealing than the latter.

Additionally, if your company operates at least partly over the phone, it is worth noting that phone calls tend to convert at a much higher rate than a simple landing page click. If there is someone dedicated to answering phones where your business operates, this is a significant advantage.

Be Brief and Clear with Descriptions

If readers (especially on a mobile device) have to wade through a wall of text before getting anywhere on your site, it’s a safe bet to say they won’t be doing business with you. Long-winded paragraphs are always less effective than short, well-chosen words.

A good practice when writing a landing page description, is to write a rough draft including everything you think this page will need. Then, hack away at that description until only the main points are left over.

For mobile users, making a long list of all available features is generally less effective than simply saying “We have a vast amount of feature available, click here to view them”.


Take a Step Back from Using Exaggerated Phrases or Hyperbolic Expression


So what exactly does this mean? Let’s take a look at some examples we’ve seen thousands of times.

“Incredibly amazing company!”

“Best product you will find!”

“Absolutely great results with this product, guaranteed!”


These expressions are horribly vague and in the end, add no value to you landing page. By what standard can you state that your product is the “best”? These descriptors could be replaced by words with meaning that will actually create advantages for you. Using these phrases is something most of us have been guilty of in an effort to sell something, instead of actually trying to use what we’re selling to solve a problem for our customer.

If you can change your mental process to think about it in this manner instead, using these phrases will naturally seem like the wrong thing to do.



Utilize Bullet Point Formats Instead of Text Walls

Bullet points are:

  • Easy to read
  • Create more white space to seem less cluttered
  • Communicate messages effectively
  • Zoom in on what the customer really wants


This structure maximizes efficiency whilst allowing customers the leisure of having to process less. In turn, this will lead to customers making the decision to buy more easily as opposed to a customer that just read through a grueling 200 word description. Of course don’t over bullet. More than ten bullet points and you start to step into territory that defeats the original purpose.



Optimize Your Landing Page for Total Mobile Viewing


If you have to   A) zoom in OR B) struggle to click a button, your landing page needs to be re-optimized. When your primary conversion metric is tied to a button that can’t be clicked easily, it goes without saying that your page is going to suffer.


If you take a quick look at your mobile landing page and you think you’re following all these rules, congratulations! Your mobile landing page is positioned in order to capture and demand the attention it truly deserves.



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