All you need to know about Google’s new Artificial Intelligence, RankBrain and impact on business growth

By Aron Allen
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Google’s search results are changing because of RankBrain’s implementation. Here are the biggest questions and answers.

What is RankBrain?

RankBrain is Google’s machine learning artificial intelligence system that assists Google in finding what the searcher is looking for, and showing it to them in search results.

Is RankBrain affecting my search results right now?

Yes. This is currently worldwide and is being heavily researched.

Is RankBrain heavily influencing my search results?

Yes, it is handling a “very large fraction” of the searches as the 3rd most important signal in showing you what Google thinks you want.

How accurate is RankBrain in finding what I want?

Better than you’d think. RankBrain is found to be 10% more accurate overall than any human findings.

Is RankBrain truly an “artificial intelligence” system?

Going by the standard definition, yes. It learns from data over time and performs action based on that data like any human would do, except better.

Why did Google decide to implement this?

Mainly because human algorithms cannot accurately understand complex questions with unique contextual/colloquial issues while being able to learn and constantly improve.

What does this mean for Search Engine Optimization?

Immediately, not much. The online professional SEO voices are saying that this will only further reward pages that give the best possible user experience, which is not a new trend.

Where is Google going with this?

With hundreds of people working of advanced AI projects within Google, RankBrain comes from the same technology that they will be utilizing in other problem solving systems. Google states that “its gunna get weird” in the next few years with their development of AI systems.

What’s Our Opinion?

Based off what we’ve been told in the past by authorities like Matt Cutts about Google never implementing a machine learning system, we never thought this would come this far this quickly. And from what we see in the public information available, this isn’t set to slow down any time soon in areas outside of Google Search.

SEO has been the fastest changing online practice we’ve ever seen. New rollouts, updates, and ranking factors are introduced so fast, no one seems to agree on what “SEO” really is anymore. A blog recently published from Moz should demonstrate this in full.

All we can really do now is hope Google takes this the correct direction and watch RankBrain send more traffic to high quality sites and content that is so abundant online.

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