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Top 5 Challenges Small Business Customers Have with their Websites and Website Design

By Aron Allen
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After undertaking several web designing projects in Dallas and other locations, we decided to personally ask what small business clients think were the biggest challenges with their website. Here were the top five most popular answers.

1. Constant technology change gets expensive and hard to follow

  • Having a responsive website design
  • Potentially needing to create a mobile app
  • New HTML and CSS innovations
  • And the list goes on and on…

Ideally, you will want to create your website or app once and boom, you’d never have to mess with it again. Unfortunately, that’s just not the way it is; technology is ever evolving and websites are no exception.

But for those of us that choose to see having a website truly as an opportunity to accomplish great things, this will remain a challenge, but never a problem.

When we heard this response, it was common to hear alongside it the following challenge.

2. New design trends are always emerging and updating is expensive

This one can be difficult to conquer, but the most exciting for us.

Real opportunity is seized in having a highly innovative website design; keeping that edge is challenge. Just take a look at this amazing recently designed website from a company in New Zealand:


New designs are being born every moment, and companies must decide what route they want to take with the face of their online identity.

Generally, there are two options. Choose an evergreen design that will sustain itself over multiple years, or choose to be on the innovative side of things and invest in something new. While almost all of the companies that reported this as a challenge chose the evergreen web design option, the few that tried something new were always happy with their decision.

3. Creating fresh on-site content with little technical experience

Pushing out new landing pages, keeping inbound traffic coming with eBooks/blogs/whitepapers/etc., and changing out old content elements for more SEO friendly options can be rough.

Fortunately, with all the CMS platforms available to build your site, overcoming isn’t horribly technical anymore, just time consuming and requires a bit of know-how to do it properly.

This is where so many in-bound proficient agencies step in for their clients, like HubSpot.

4. My budget is tiny but I want an awesome website

Small to medium sized businesses struggle with this on a daily basis. Buying a domain off a website builder like WordPress and branding that domain properly while making it customer-centric can be a tricky business.

Hiring a developer on a small budget to do these bare minimums is a good place to start and can visually look pretty decent, but it should not be the end of the road. Custom made web design will always outperform and create a better brand identity than that of the alternative, but sometimes you need to start small.

5. Hosting my website is a foreign language

Managed hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, cloud hosting… who even knows what this stuff means and honestly, who cares.

Of course, when you start off with a new website you have access to free website hosting. WordPress and many others offer this because hosting small sites is no big deal to them and it’s a good way to get your foot in the door.

Down the road however, companies are often forced to learn a little more about website hosting, its implications, and where to go to get what you need. But the good news is that any reputable web design company will also provide your website with hosting and support, if need be.

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