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5 Digital Marketing Trends that can help you lead the market in 2019

By Kate John
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Your challenge is not only to find the right Digital Marketing company in Dallas, but also to find a way to keep up with the latest Digital Marketing trends before your competitors. Digital Marketing is dynamic, so it helps boost brand awareness and sales, only if the latest trends and strategies (that are relevant to your business) come into play.

2018 was the year of leading trends like video content, influencer marketing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. How about 2019?

Digital Marketing 2019

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First let’s see what digital marketing is no longer about:

  • Marketing is no longer about exaggerated promises
  • It is not about unethical sales techniques
  • Highlighting product/service benefits
  • Too much information
  • Too little generic information

Transparency is the cornerstone for digital marketing in 2019. Brands are encouraging a two-way communication to promote improved relationships and addressing negative reviews and feedback in a positive manner.

I have listed the digital marketing trends that can help you lead the market, generate leads and grow your business in 2019.


1. Live Video will grow (even more)

You might think that it’s old news, but Live Video on Facebook and Instagram will continue to grow in 2019. You can’t afford to ignore Live Videos. Live Stream and Online Events are getting popular by the day and there are an increasing number of viewers wanting to go online and catch up on live events.


2. Chatbots will continue to grow

Chatbots will become normal for everything. These will be used when you order a pizza, suggest a suitable mobile plan or book a hotel room. You need to develop chatbot for your brand to help a quick sale or to service a customer.


3. Personalized marketing is getting more personal

Marketers have moved beyond demographics and, owing to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, focusing on consumers’ habits, purchasing preferences, desires and activities. Enterprises are learning different ways to leverage actionable metrics. It can help you deliver what the consumers truly want.


4. Focus on Social Media influencers

It’s not a new trend but the social media influencers will continue to grow next year. Brands are not approaching influencers directly but trying to build long-term relationships with influencers who are relevant for your industry. One of the best things about building a long-term relationship is that it gets influencer loyalty for the brand as well.


5. Growth of mobile advertising

The mobile users are growing dramatically. The need for mobile marketing is evident as it gives a better chance to mobile users towards higher engagement and ROI. Even social media users are mostly checking their channels on mobile devices. Social Media ads are getting a better way to fetch more eyeballs.


If you adopt the above digital marketing trends, the chances of your enterprise getting successful in 2019 get higher. You continue to keep your focus on a solid S, SEO and SEM strategies. The more you can plan, the more you’re prepared to respond to changes. Of course, it’s not possible for you as a business owner to decide the digital marketing trends that you must take seriously and to what extent. Your brand will be trusted more if you’re on top of the game. If you wish to team up with digital marketing experts to help you all the way, we are right here. Speak to us today.



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