5 Phenomenal AdWords Tips to Grow Your Pay-Per-Click Advertising

By Kate John
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One of the fastest evolving methods to draw prospective customers to your website is Pay-per-click advertising. In the pursuit of the same, several business owners give Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing or both a try. They display ads in the sponsored results section of SERPs and have to pay a fee each time when someone clicks through from the ad and visits a site. Oftentimes, business owners do not invest logically and deplete all their financial resources when nothing concrete shows up. Therefore, for a successful pay per click campaign management solution, extensive knowledge and testing is required. There are times when even the smallest change can make a big difference in the overall performance of a PPC campaign. Below find 5 general PPC mistakes which you want to avoid while initiating –

  1. Sending Visitors to Your Home/Landing Page – It is better that you drive your PPC customers to targeted landing pages. However, if you do not have a product-specific landing page, customize the landing page which provides the exact information your prospect was looking for.
  1. Sending Visitors to Contact Page – Always keep in mind if you are advertising through Google AdWords, requiring visitors to fill out your contact forms in exchange for something free goes completely against its guidelines. This is because some businesses send PPC visitors directly to website’s contact page to force receiving e-mails, newsletter or lead generation form submissions. This may frustrate your client as well as run against PPC platform guidelines.
  1. Are You Taking Advantage of Negative Keywords? Majority of the people fail to use negative keywords which prevents advertisement from displaying whenever certain words are researched for. Adding negative keywords to your PPC campaign has its own advantages. It is one way to control relevancy without eliminating the potential traffic of broad matching ads. Though, the search for negative keywords is a time-consuming task but it is essentially worth it.
  1. Did You Took the Split-Test? Avoid running PPC ads before testing them. Testing involves the split-test and you can do the same by creating multiple versions of the ad’s text for each of your PPC ad group. This way, you can determine specific leads and the most clicked ones along with on-site conversions. Nearly all PPC engine allow you to conduct split test. However, you need to make sure that your ad variations will be displayed at random so that it is able to generate meaningful data.
  1. Rely Solely on Broad Match Keyword Ads – This kind of ads is displayed whenever all or part of your target keyword phrase is searched for. In such a scenario, setting your ads to exactly match the relevant keyword might decrease your traffic potential. At the same time, it may also appear for search queries which are most relevant for your business.

Therefore, these were the precautionary/suggestive tips to follow while designing for PPC services. Also, just in case and to make sure that your AdWords pay-per-click effort helps in producing tremendous ROI, ensure the following –

  • Track everything
  • Optimize your landing page
  • Combine PPC with organic search marketing
  • Utilize site links and Ad extensions
  • Increase your PPC budget and grow simultaneously

If you are unable to do all of this by yourself, contact your nearest leading PPC advertising agency and speak to a PPC advertising consultant today!

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