6 tips to effectively revive and rise from your failing Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

By Kate John
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If you haven’t been able to leverage your Digital Marketing Plan in 2018, it’s time you evaluated it immediately. Hopefully your plan critical aspects like how much do you wish to spend on Digital Marketing, the channels that you wish to optimize and if you want to make an investment in new technology or not. Business owners are often frustrated as their digital marketing campaigns keep failing and are unable to meet their goals. Most of the business owners tend to try a bit of everything and end up failing at everything. Yes, they end up burning a whole lot of cash as well.

We had discussed the different aspects of digital marketing strategy that works for small businesses in a blog titled ‘Digital Marketing for Small Business – Why You can’t Cut it with a Boiler-Plate Strategy’.


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What are the common mistakes that business owners tend to make when executing digital marketing to boost their business?

  • Continue to have a boring, obsolete, slow and long-winded website
  • Hire an individual and expect one person to turn around things or hire a digital marketing team with inadequate skills
  • You didn’t create an omnichannel marketing strategy
  • You didn’t consider all aspects of SEO
  • You didn’t think of the metrics to measure
  • Not measuring their digital marketing campaigns

The goal of any digital marketing effort is the same.

You need to serve the right content at the right time to the right customer.

Yes, we know that already. It’s not so easy to follow though. To get the desired results, you need to set realistic or SMART goals, identify the digital channels that work best for you, list down the key customer touch points and measure your results for all channels.

The goals vary for each business but primarily fall in some major types. For example, there are brands that try to drive more revenue from digital marketing efforts, while others are targeting a larger customer base, and grow your brand name or build brand loyalists.

Here are 6 tips to help you recover from a failing digital marketing strategy that just isn’t working for you this year.

  1. Identify your target audience

If you don’t speak to the right audience, even the most well-executed digital marketing campaigns will fall flat on its face. Your digital marketing campaign doesn’t resonate with the audience that you’re trying to reach. You need to understand their pain points to develop a message that is effective, emphatic and generated revenue for you.


It’s always a good idea to involve your Sales team as they can help you identify the desired leads that they wish to chase.


  1. Ensure that your website is appealing and optimized

Speed, security, content and visual appeal are factors that are all critical to increase the stickiness of your website. Website speed is perhaps the most critical aspect of the customer experience. Another aspect, that is, security is not only an important factor in Google rankings but also to win your customers’ confidence.


  1. Develop an omnichannel marketing strategy

The starting point of an omnichannel marketing strategy is strong SEO and Local SEO. People need access to 100% accurate information quickly so that they can trust you and the information that you put on the Internet. If you’re considering an omnichannel marketing strategy, you need to include social content strategy and content optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, social media advertising, local search and link building.


  1. Consider mobile marketing

If you’re still not considering mobile, you’re missing on a large segment of your audience that is right there. If you’re still not considering mobile, you are at the risk of alienating a huge number of potential customers. It’s important to add AMP and PWA to enhance mobile experience of your website. You need to consider FAQs and schemas to strengthen the way people perform voice search.


  1. Consider Analytics

You just can’t execute digital marketing campaigns and conveniently forget about them. There are analytics that can help you track the performance of your campaigns. You need to evaluate both campaigns and channels. Measuring can also help you to optimize the digital marketing spend and keep a close track of your resources. Google Analytics is the most popular tool to measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns.


  1. Reevaluate your digital marketing strategy

If something is not working in your digital marketing strategy, you must update it. As we mentioned earlier, this is not a onetime activity. If you have a team of Digital Marketing Experts, they can guide you (based on the analytics) the campaigns and messaging that are able to generate high-quality and relevant leads.



Value, consistent, leadership and expertise are all critical factors for your digital marketing strategy. If you didn’t experience a successful execution of digital marketing strategy 2018 till now, you can speak to one of our digital marketing experts to generate high-quality leads.

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