7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Facebook Ad Agency for Your Small Business and Grow Exponentially

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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Facebook Ad Agency for Your Small Business and Grow Exponentially 

If you have been managing your Facebook ads since the beginning and are comfortable with the results it has brought, then, by all means, do keep it going.

However, if you think you could use some help and would like to try a more cost-effective solution, then you should consider hiring a Facebook advertising agency to take care of the task for your small business. Let me tell you why.

Facebook Ad Agency for Your Small Business
  • Save
  • It frees up time

Being an entrepreneur, it’s no surprise that you’re almost always short on time. Even so, that doesn’t mean you should resort to putting together an ad campaign at the last minute (especially when you’re not too confident with your plan at hand).

Having a Facebook advertising agency on the job changes things. Not only will you have more time on your hands, but your business will get to take advantage of well-thought-out ad campaigns too!

  • It saves more money

Are you still stuck with print advertising? I get that it’s one of the surefire ways to introduce your brand to the public. But, you have to consider that Facebook advertising can pretty much do the same thing and at a much lesser price, too.

Partnering with a Facebook advertising agency will also give you access to other perks you won’t get a hold of while working alone. So really, it’s an investment that brings you your money’s worth.

  • It builds brand recognition

A business only thrives if the product or service is able to meet the needs of the market. Traditionally, going by this line of thought would mean that you have to set up shop at a prime location. Yet, in this day and age, is it still a necessity?

Not always, even more so when the market itself is constantly connected to Facebook (because who still doesn’t have a Facebook account, right?). By employing an advertising agency to lead you through your preferred demographic, your brand is sure to gain the recognition it deserves.

  • It grows clientele

Following brand recognition is, of course, obtaining added clientele.

It all works as a positive domino effect. As soon as an advertising agency is able to introduce your brand to an interested party, the interested party will then be prompted to share their experience or review of your brand on their Facebook timeline. As Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, once said, “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation of a trusted friend.”

When that happens, it is only inevitable for your clientele to grow exponentially. Besides, several studies have already shown that social media has the capability to boost your lead-to-close rate over 100% greater than outbound marketing.

  • It thwarts competition

Almost every other brand in the vicinity is making use of Facebook as a platform for advertising. Are you really going to risk missing out? In fact, in one study, it has been noted that 53% of Americans who follow their brands on social media are more likely to be loyal to the said brands.

This should be more than enough reason for you to collaborate with an advertising agency! With their influence and strategies, you can widen the influence of your brand on social media. This, in turn, will better establish your brand’s authority in the market.

  • It makes goals achievable

Yes, it’s okay to work on your business goals by yourself. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask for help, either. If anything, it will help your business progress further.

With an advertising agency at your disposal, it will no longer just be you in charge of brainstorming and coming up with ideas for promotions. Instead, you will have a whole team of creative and skilled professionals who work with your best interests in mind. As they say, having more heads on the job is always better than just one.

  • It updates advertising strategies

The best part? You won’t even have to lift a finger in order to keep up with the latest trends! Why is that? Well, your Facebook advertising agency will take care of all that for you. As an added bonus, you’ll get to learn about new techniques which you can use for future business ventures as well.

Are you ready to partner your business with a Facebook ads agency?

If you’re finally serious about taking the next couple of steps and are looking forward to a great return on investment, then you should consider:

  • The length of the contract

Contracts vary from one agency to the next. What’s important is that your chosen service provider should be able to understand how your business works and jumpstart your campaigns accordingly.

  • The services included

No two agencies offer the exact same services. Being aware of what exactly your chosen agency can offer will help you set more reasonable expectations.

  • The billing rate

Will you be charged by the hour or by the tasks accomplished? Knowing these details ahead of time will allow you to better plan your finances as well.

  • The track record

Of course, with respect to the nature of your business.

What you will want is an agency that knows the ins and outs of handling your brand and target market efficiently.

  • The management of client communication

Proper communication between the clients and your business helps build trust and loyalty. Be sure to check if your selected agency has platforms implemented to oversee and manage client communication.

  • The measurement of success in regards to the marketing campaigns

No sane entrepreneur would want to simply dump money without getting any results for their business. With that in mind, I think it would be wise for you to check in with the agency’s metrics and progress reports to see how well last month’s advertising campaign has impacted your business.

Now, if you have other questions you’d like answered about the topic at hand, you can reach your nearby Facebook advertising agency in Dallas. If you’re looking for help with your business marketing, be sure to reach out to a digital marketing agency for small businesses like Digital Success in Dallas. Go ahead and share this post with your business partners and friends as well if you’ve found it informative.


I am Louise Savoie Digital Marketer at Proweaver, a web development company specializing in Custom Web Design which helps sole proprietors and small companies increase their sales and grow their business. 

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