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Do more with Analytics

By Aron Allen
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You can do a lot of analysis with Google Analytics. Parameters like website visitors, source and conversion tracking can be measured with the help of analytics. If you were to perform a deeper dive of the dashboard, you can actually yield much more. For example, check the source for your most valuable customers and how can you retain customers.

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So here are some of the tips to get more from your Google analytics.


Flow visualization reports

You can see the navigation path of visitors with the help of Google Analytics flow visualization reports. The nodes that you view on flow visualization maps can represent a page, an event, a directory or a dimension. You can click on a particular node to see how the traffic is performing for a node.


Introduce data from other sources

At times, it is really useful to bring in data from other customer relationship management (CRM) tools that you are using. This data can be related to market research, demographics or other data sources. You can measure targeting precision after introducing data from other sources.


Use Cohort Analysis data

With the use of Cohort Analysis, you can use cross-platform data (including web, mobile and offline) with an insight into the behavior of customers. This will help you to calculate customer’s lifetime value when trying to access your website from different devices. To see cohort analysis data, you need to go to the ‘Reporting’ tab after signing in to your Google Analytics account. You then need to go to Audience and then Cohort Analysis.

Additionally, you can view the content that has most visits and has the longest view times. This is help you to understand the way you can improve the content that you wish to promote.



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