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Behind the Mask – Here’s an Update on Phantom

By Kate John
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No, this isn’t about Phantom, the superhero and his fights with the pirates or smugglers. And this isn’t either about Rolls-Royce’s Phantom, the timeless engineering luxurious marvel.

Calling it a quality update, Google recently rolled out the Phantom update and it apparently seems to have dipped rankings for a number of websites. It has been blamed to this update, which came unannounced, that has caused a dip in the HubPages Traffic (a community of experts who share their opinions, in the form of blogs, about a specialized area and writers who comment and share feedback on the ‘hubs’ created). This update is different from the big change, announced on April 21, which came in the form of Mobilegeddon (an algorithm change that favors mobile-friendly websites). Reports suggest that due to the Phantom update, there has been a traffic drop of almost 22% for HubPages. Google is yet to share more details on the update.

While search experts are still trying to find a way around Phantom, the update seems to be similar to the one that was introduced in 2011 and which was called the Panda update. Even then, the Panda update had stressed upon improving the quality of the website. In a blog titled ‘More guidance on building high-quality sites’, Google shares some of the questions you should ask to counter the Panda update and ensure that you have a high-quality website.

If you are hit by the Phantom and experiencing lower rankings than before, it’s perhaps time to reevaluate your website.

Or better still, speak to a search expert to get instant help.

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