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How can you maximize ROI and grow sales from Programmatic Advertising initiative?

By Jeremy Allen
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Programmatic Advertising is still considered a relatively new subject for people who are reluctant to adopt changes and experiment. There are many organizations that are already leveraging from this powerful tactic. The main purpose of programmatic marketing is to serve timely ads to consumers when it’s expected to make the maximum impact.

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You, perhaps, have already invested in Programmatic Advertising effort but not getting the magical efforts that you have been expecting. What’s wrong with your campaign, you wonder.

Before spending on Programmatic Advertising, you must be clear about what you want to achieve from the money spent on the initiative. Compared to traditional ways of digital marketing efforts, programmatic buying allows an increased control over your advertising campaigns. If experts are to be believed, Programmatic will spread to mobile space (it’s already popular in the web space) and other media (like TV, radio, and perhaps even print). One of the biggest reasons for the rise of Programmatic Advertising is that the customers are changing – they want to research products and services before making a buy. The online data can provide the information necessary to help personalize what is served to them.

Here are some proved ways that you can think about to maximize the results and ROI from your Programmatic Advertising investment.

Customize your message for your audience

Programmatic Advertising helps you target the right audience and the right time just before they make a purchase. If you don’t customize your message as per the target audience, you will miss a huge opportunity that programmatic advertising offers. The same generalized content cannot be served to all.

Keep the content updated

If you update the content regularly, chances are that your audience will not get bored of it. Keep giving them the same ad content, chances are that your consumers will consider it stale. Keep an eye on the performance of your programmatic initiative. Give a new twist to the campaign, refresh it and give it a new spin.

Redefine Advertising

There are many marketers who wrongly treat programmatic as just purchasing cheap inventory. Don’t take it as just a penny saving initiative but as something that can allow you to optimize your audience. You can target your potential consumers in real-time, customize your creatives and redefine advertising.

Modify the campaigns in real-time

It’s not as if you’ve worked on the campaign and you can forget about it. You will have to constantly invest more in high performing ads and improve the creative aspect of the ones that are not doing so well.

Search and Social Media

Leverage search and social media when considering tactical and strategic aspects. May have specialized AdWords, the first programmatic marketing platform. The campaign that works on one platform can be a great learning experience on another platform.

If you face a setback in a programmatic advertising initiative, it doesn’t mean that the tactic is ineffective. It means that you need to learn and re-plan the way you are executing it. If done the right way or using the right team to plan your Programmatic Advertising campaign, you can get a high ROI from your initiatives.

Or the easiest way is to speak to us to maximize your ROI from Programmatic Advertising efforts.

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