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Coming Soon: Google’s Real Time Penguin Algorithm

By Rishi Khanna
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Last month Google disclosed that they will be releasing a real-time version of the Penguin Algorithm before this year’s end, or at least that is what they’re shooting for.

Penguin is the name Google dubbed this algorithm as it crawls sites to determine if they are “black-hat” techniques used by those trying to trick Google into ranking a site higher than it naturally would rank in search results.


The difference between Pandas and Penguins

Penguin’s close relative, Google Panda, is the other algorithm that was recently updated in July that is still rolling out today. Instead of searching for those trying to trick the system, this algorithm seeks out sites that are “low-quality” and punishes them for being so.


The good news

Because of the real-time nature or this upcoming Google Penguin update, it is important to note that you should keep watch on your rankings to make sure you don’t get punished. But if you do, the good news is that Google will let you recover instantly from this punishment if you make the right changes.

This is a load off of webmaster’s backs as SEO punishments are often quite detrimental and can take a while to fully heal up from. So needless to say, some websites will have to keep a close eye on their rankings.

Some more good news about this update is that, because of the rigorous nature of its parameters, the vast majority of sites will be unaffected. The Penguin update, however, is more of the one to watch when it comes to being punished as the audience affected by this update is much larger.

Honestly, the only bad news to share regarding these updates would be for those using spam, or black hat techniques, so a good update for Google all around.

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