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Effective techniques to increase your Conversion Rate

By Chetan Saxena
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The Basics

In case you’re unaware, the most common and proven way of gaining conversions is to simply follow the conversion funnel model. Even with all the different versions of this model, they all basically boil down to this:

  • Awareness– Let them know who you are, through whatever channel you want
  • Interest– Prospects are then pulled into your funnel, now let your content speak to them
  • Desire– transforming intrigue to desire can be hard, be sure to provide reasons to buy
  • Action– Utilize your call-to-action to convert potential prospects to current customers


By looking at each one of these pivotal steps individually, you can then begin to optimize your conversion rate.

A few ways to capitalize on the conversion funnel

Quality content– To turn your potential customer’s interest into desire, you need to offer something compelling. That is, you need to have text, images, aesthetics that are actually interesting and original.

Utilize a sense of urgency– Even if all you’re doing is saying something like “Act Now” it’s been proven time and time again that allowing the potential customer to think “I can just come back to this later” leads to… well you know, them not coming back later. To the right is a page out of the Netflix playbook. Judging by their huge success, it seems to be working.


Don’t undervalue headlines– This is often the first thing that a new visitor to your site sees. If you can’t engage them here, they likely won’t be engaged at all. Because more than five-fourths of people never return once they’ve left your site, you want their first visit to be the most impactful.

Trim the fat from your market parameters– Sure, your ‘Click Through Rate’ may be great, but if your conversion rate is awful you should heavily consider whittling down who gets to see your ad. Looking at this as a refinement of your target market is the best mindset to have going into accomplishing this change.

Call-to-action– Make it compelling and place it above the fold. There always needs to be a way to follow up and a reason to follow through.

Using more advanced tactics

If you do anything on the following list, do A/B testing. A/B split testing is absolutely pivotal to optimizing your conversions as it gives you invaluable insights into what your customer actually wants, not just what you think they want. However, you have to remember with this, that just changing a few buttons and title colors won’t lead to anything. Define global maxima by optimizing the best thing you could achieve from changing things like brand position, channels, and marketing funnel. From there test things to find local maxima like landing pages, image styles and sizes , home pages, design, SEO, and copy text.

If you aren’t already, make sure you’re leveraging your social presence. Leading people from your social sites to your website is a highly effective way to nudge people through your marketing funnel. Learn more about the specifics on how to success in social spaces here. Additionally, the vast majority of people won’t sign up for your website if there is no sign up with Facebook option. Enabling this will create a pathway for the three-fourths of people that are comfortable with this option to engage with you.

Use email marketing. As most social pages are filled with content yelling at the general public about new products or special offers, email marketing allow for you to send a specialized offer to someone that signed up to receive them. The rates for opening the email range from 14% to 30% based on the industry; CTR’s were just around 4%. Not too bad, especially compared to an average AdWords campaign.



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