Why your Facebook Advertising campaign is not yielding results? Here’s what you need to do to get impressive results and grow your business online

By Chetan Saxena
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Facebook Advertising is probably the biggest area that is ignored when it comes to social media advertising alternatives. In one of our blogs titled ‘A guide to Facebook Advertising’, the right way to conduct Facebook campaigns was discussed. Facebook Advertising is supremely important when it comes to advertising platforms on social media channels.

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While you know that your potential clients are using Facebook day in and day out, you are not able to use the full potential of Facebook Advertising. Most of the people fail at Facebook Advertising as they aren’t aware how to do it right. They don’t understand how to set the target audience, impactful ad content and placement of ads. There are answers that you need to find before you invest in Facebook Advertising.

For example:

  • How much budget have you allocated for Facebook Advertising?
  • Have you identified your target audience correctly?
  • What are the types of ads that are suitable for your business?
  • What is the way to accurately measure the results of Facebook Advertising?

I have collated a list of 5 things that you are doing wrong which is why you’re not driving a successful Facebook Advertising initiative.

Consider this:

1. You don’t know what to expect from Facebook Advertising

What do you want your Facebook ads to do? This is one answer you must have before you set out to invest in Facebook social media campaign. Now, you might say that you already have your digital marketing goals set and identified but you need to know what it is specifically that you need from Facebook Ads.

The goal of your Facebook Advertising can vary from brand awareness, customer engagement to conversions. While most of you might say that conversion is the only goal, but different brands might have different goals.

It’s important to know your goal so that you can gauge your success.


2. You haven’t identified your target audience

If you think that identifying your target audience or reach is a fad, you are grossly mistaken. Your target audience can vary from a company’s executive to a millennial. The closer you get to identify your target audience, the more you increase your chances of success. You can select your target audience by location, age, gender and even interests.


3. You’re not using the right images

If you wish to stand out, you need to be strong on your images. There are several ads on Facebook but what you need is a distinctive ad so that your intended audience just cannot miss your ad. They are compelled to notice it and take the desired action.

The image must be high-quality, clear and appealing.

You can even use videos. Videos can give a lot more information compared to images. Ensure that your Facebook video is not sound dependent. More than 80% of Facebook videos are viewed in the mute mode.


4. You’re selling too hard

Your customers have changed. They don’t like it if you give a message that is too much on their face or very salesy. So, your Facebook ads mustn’t sound like ads. Show your value addition. There are certain buzz words that you can include in the content to get the attention of people.


5. You’re not doing A/B testing

You may not get Facebook Ads running correctly the first time. Images and content needs to be tested before you launch the Facebook Ad. Also, it is critical to monitor the ROI from the Facebook Ads and need to turn off the ads that are not yielding desired results and have a high cost per click. You may need to run several ads before you can understand the ad that works best for your target audience.

A/B testing might seem like a time-consuming task, but it is worthwhile as it gives you a success formula for Facebook Ads.

Unlike the popular myth that your Facebook campaign can only yield results if you have a big budget is false. You need to use the budget optimally to derive the best from the campaigns and run a successful campaign. If you have any questions / feedback about ways to run Facebook campaign, you can speak to one of our social media specialists.

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