Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular HVAC Keywords in the USA

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Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular HVAC Keywords in the USA

Technology is evolving fast, making our lives more and more convenient. Home comfort systems have also come a long way, and homeowners always strive to have the best HVAC equipment in their homes.

In the past decade, purchase trends have shifted towards digital media & search, as a result heating & cooling companies that have focused their marketing efforts on search and social media marketing have been able to generate more leads, phone calls and store visits.

Local Businesses & Online Marketing

Consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on search engines and mobile applications for their day-to-day activities. According to statistics, over 95% of users searched online to find a local business and a purchase follows almost 28% of all local searches. HVAC consumers are no exception. People are not looking for HVAC services in newspaper ads or billboards, these searches and conversions are happening on search engines and websites.

Is your HVAC business ready to meet these customers halfway, online? Do you have a digital marketing strategy in place? If your answer to the latter is no, you can consult marketing experts at Digital Success and start getting leads from online channels instantly (via paid campaigns) or take their help to invest in a longer-term SEO strategy that keeps on giving for years to come.

The first step in a consumer’s journey leading up to purchase is – putting in a keyword in a search engine. This is where all the online marketing strategies begin too – figuring out and estimating the keywords your potential customers might be entering in search.

Your target consumers might be searching for terms like– “air conditioner near me”, “HVAC repair”, “heating repair service”

In this post, we have compiled a list of top 50 keywords for HVAC businesses in the USA. Business owners can target these keywords for search engine optimization, paid campaigns & content creation:

KeywordsSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search Results)
air conditioning repair90500Low517000000
ac repair74000Low1390000000
air duct cleaning60500Medium85300000
furnace repair49500Medium2400000000
ductless air conditioner40500High16600000
hvac contractor33100Low6210000000
air conditioner repair service27100Low169000000
air conditioning service27100Medium657000000
hvac repair27100Low134000000
heating and air conditioning22200High758000000
hvac system22200High194000000
hvac technician22200Medium89400000
ac installation18100Low2590000000
air conditioner installation18100Medium495000000
hvac company18100Low5790000000
hvac service14800Low6250000000
ac service12100Low4360000000
hvac installation9900Medium512000000
heating contractor8100Low132000000
hvac maintenance6600Low393000000
heating installation4400Low321000000
air conditioner replacement3600Low93000000
commercial hvac3600Low5130000000
furnace maintenance2900Low79600000
heating and cooling services2900Low399000000
air conditioner maintenance2400Low99800000
24 hour a c repair1900Low126000000
heating and air conditioning repair1600Low98000000
emergency air conditioner repair1300Low27700000
central air conditioning repair1000Low63800000
heating and cooling repair1000Low129000000
home ac repair880Low721000000
hvac emergency repair880Medium29800000
ac filter cleaning720Medium84100000
emergency furnace repair720Medium41400000
central ac repair590Medium312000000
heat pump repair service480Low84100000
home air conditioner repair480Low625000000
hvac maintenance plan480Medium27300000
air duct installation390High131000000
commercial hvac repair320Low29800000
heating maintenance services320Medium278000000
heating technician320Medium162000000
ac fan replacement210High110000000
heating system maintenance210Medium297000000
air conditioner fan replacement170High25100000
electric furnace repair110Medium19800000
commercial heating and cooling system90Low126000000
ductless air conditioner repair90Low11600000
mini split ac repair90Medium15500000

Next Step – Optimizing your HVAC website:

Once you have picked & modified these keywords to your liking, you can begin optimizing your website pages in order of importance. Use of these HVAC focused keywords is recommended in the following areas of your website:

1. Title & Description Tags – These tags are displayed on SERP and should be leveraged to compel users to visit your page. Include your primary & secondary keywords to tell the user what the page is about and keep them concise.

2. Heading Tags [H1-H6] – These tags convey relative importance of one part of content over other and thus, these tags are also used by search engines to evaluate pieces of content.

3. Content – Focus on creating valuable content that covers these keywords naturally.

4. Anchor text for internal & external links – keywords can be included in anchor tags to convey the context of the link.

5. Image Alt-Text – Having optimized alt-text can help images appear in image search results around your keywords.

If you are not sure how to do all the above and need help, you can always contact SEO experts to optimize your website properly.

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