Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Photography Keywords Searched in Google [US] Every Year

By Pradeep
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Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Photography Keywords Searched in Google [US] Every Year

If you have a passion for Photography, a business to accompany it and are having a difficult time finding clients, search engines might have the answer to your plight.

Nowadays, we all rummage through Google for every information – from navigation, fact finding & entertainment to product research & purchases. As per statistics, more than 56% of all searches in the United States are made from a mobile device and over 93% of these mobile searches are conducted on Google.

If your target audience had a hard time finding your website in search results, you run the risk of getting lost in the abyss of the World Wide Web.

If the above digital marketing facts have got you thinking about investing in it, make sure to allocate a portion of your marketing budget to optimizing for search engines. And clearly, Google is the way to go.

Here are the different ways your photography website/listing can start generating valuable traffic from Google:

  • Blog posts and website pages (in organic results)
  • Your Google My Business account (in the local/maps section) – Remember how you confine your searches with area specific keywords, when looking for products/services near you. An example can be – “Coffee shop near me” or “Best Café in Dallas”. Along the same lines, your photography business can be found for – “Photographers near me” or “Videographers in Fort Worth”
  • Featured Snippets of your website content (“People also ask” and the answer box) – This is probably the best way to generate cost effective and natural traffic from Google that also translates to Brand Awareness, Conversions and Overall Website/Business Authority.
  • Paid Promotion Campaigns: As the name suggests, you would have to pay for this traffic. However, this channel has its own perks. Some of the benefits include – specific targeting, instant traffic, measurable impact, and the bonus of brand awareness.

The journey is not easy and the competition for the audience’s attention can be high, but it sure is rewarding if you have a plan and execute it with proficiency.

The journey is not easy and the competition for the audience’s attention can be high, but it sure is rewarding if you have a plan and execute it with proficiency.

And if your organization does not have the manpower required to get started with a digital marketing campaign, a reputed SEO agency can get you up and running in no time.

First step to marketing your photography business digitally is identifying the terms your target audience might be using to search for a service provider in the photography industry. And this is the step that we strive to help you with in this post.

The following list contains 50 most popular mixed competition photography keywords that people are searching for in the USA: 

KeywordsSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search Results)
maternity photoshoot60500High2760000000
newborn photography40500Medium1450000000
wedding photography40500Medium2300000000
portrait photography33100High4490000000
professional headshots33100Low49000000
portraits photography33100High12600000000
still life photography27100Low4530000000
landscape photography22200Medium3010000000
photographic studios18100Low12300000
professional photography14800Low5810000000
nature photography14800Low3840000000
product photography14800High3240000000
headshot photography12100Low1500000000
macro photography12100High547000000
aerial photography12100Low549000000
photo labs9900Low363000000
drone photography8100High308000000
fashion photography8100Medium3230000000
digital photography6600Low4150000000
photography website6600Medium23300000000
commercial photography5400Low1960000000
business headshots5400Low30200000
family photoshoot5400Medium659000000
wildlife photography5400Low588000000
corporate headshots4400Low20700000
engagement photography4400Medium1070000000
event photography4400Low4960000000
photography services4400Low4040000000
local photographer3600Medium349000000
travel photographer3600Low633000000
candid photography3600Low171000000
modeling photography3600Low285000000
photography lab3600Low1620000000
island photography2900Low2320000000
photo retouching2400High17000000
pre wedding photoshoot2400Low1980000000
wedding photography packages2400High292000000
vintage photoshoot1900Low284000000
hire a photographer1600Medium47700000
outdoor headshots1300Low14000000
wedding photoshoot1300Low285000000
photography companies1000Low2240000000
adventure photography1000Low1190000000
photography agencies1000Low2640000000
photo agency880Low1830000000
corporate photography880Low4330000000
marketing photography880Low5200000000
professional wedding photography880Low358000000
hire wedding photographer320Low14500000

If you found the list useful, consider bookmarking it for future reference. Targeting attainable, high-value keywords for your photography business is bound to give you fruitful results, and our list above is sure to give you an edge over the competition.

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