Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Web-Design Keywords in the USA

By Pradeep
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Free SEO Keyword Research – 50 Most Popular Web-Design Keywords in the USA

You may have the most smartly designed website, but without effective marketing, it would struggle to reach out to its target audience.

Need for effective marketing along with Web Design Skills

You own a web-design business, are highly skilled at it but do not have much success getting clients?

Maybe your organization of web designers & developers is best at what they do, but your potential customers have no way of knowing this. Your circle of prospects is limited to a handful clients you have had in the past and leads from networking efforts.

It’s time to focus your attention on spreading the word where all the customers are – search engines.

Start With Keywords

As experienced marketers, the first thing we would go after is – knowing what your target audience is looking for, more specifically, the keywords people are using to look for web development services in your target location.

Whether you choose to optimize your website for search engines – for long term success or go with paid campaigns/advertisements for quick results, the first thing you need to figure out is a list of keywords to target.

Usually, determining a list of target keywords starts with creating a buyer persona, through research and access to various marketing tools.  But don’t worry, we have already taken care of all that for you in this post.

We have come up with a list of top 50 most popular keywords for web design services in USA that you can utilize to kickstart a marketing campaign for your business:

KeywordsSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search Results)
graphic design165000Low4370000000
logo design135000High4390000000
website design74000Medium4420000000
web designer60500Medium2480000000
create a website33100High4890000000
business logo design8100High4060000000
custom logo design8100High5320000000
web design company8100Low732000000
design agency5400Low749000000
web design agency4400Low1610000000
web design services4400Low2590000000
responsive web design3600Low2400000000
web page design3600Medium4240000000
graphic design companies2900Low1060000000
website design services2900Low1830000000
ecommerce website design2400Low1760000000
graphic design services2400Medium4040000000
website maintenance1900Low5620000000
small business website design1600Low7910000000
web application development1600Low4280000000
website redesign1600Low143000000
graphic design agency1300Low3380000000
web agency1300Low4720000000
web design and development1300Low4760000000
wordpress website design1000Medium322000000
business website design880Medium6080000000
professional website designer880Medium718000000
website layout design880Low9690000000
web design firm720Low3710000000
web solutions720Low5930000000
website banner design480High5550000000
mobile web design390Low9770000000
web design services for small business390Low6050000000
corporate website design320Low7430000000
professional graphic designer320Low292000000
web design consultancy320Low1220000000
website design packages320Medium2920000000
website designers for small business320High178000000
wordpress web design company320Low1100000000
custom web design services260Low4650000000
web application design210Low9160000000
ecommerce website development company170Low611000000
ui ux design web170Low93400000
landing page design services140Low199000000
web design for service industry140Medium6800000000
web design for startups110Medium142000000
design web application110Medium11000000000
business card design services70High6910000000
web design solutions70Low8520000000
web banner design services10Low3540000000

Customize Keywords for Your Business

Different customers have varying needs, and this list would not necessarily cover all your prospects, but it would surely give you a head-start in the right direction. You may need to customize the keywords in this list to better suit your target audience. In our practice, we have found classifying the initial list of keywords into buckets very helpful.

Web design keywords in this list can be classified as:

1. Generic Keywords: for example – “web-design services”

2. Technology or language-specific keywords: some examples are – “HTML developer” or “PHP developer”

3. Location-based long-tail keywords: some examples are- “web design services in Dallas” or “web-designer in Houston”

Generic keywords are often called root keywords and they can be modified to better align with your business/audience.

Based on the intent of the user, queries can be modified to be:

1. Transactional – Queries where a user wants to get to a website that is interactive in nature, for – downloading something, buying something, signing up for a program/service, etc. For example – “web designer for hire” or “where to hire freelance web designers”

2. Informational – Queries with which a user intends to acquire specific information about something.

For example – “how to design a website” or “how to build a web page”

3. Navigational – These are the queries where a user is looking for a particular website. For example – “Paypal website”, “Digital success website” or “Eno8 website”.

You can target the specific types of queries for different pages on your site. Blogs would likely appear for informational searches and landing/service pages would be best targeted with transactional keywords.

Keep in mind these considerations and your final list of keywords would be ready in no time.

Next Steps:

With the keyword list sorted, you should look to create quality content that attracts your target audience and start optimizing your website for search engines. However, if you are not sure how, you can always turn to an accomplished SEO agency.

If you found this list useful, consider bookmarking it for future reference and subscribe to our blog section for all the upcoming articles on marketing, better.

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