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Google Webmaster Tools Data Stopped Updating Since Feb 7th, 2015

By Chetan Saxena
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On Feb 12th, 2015, SEO strategists began voicing their concern regarding data update in Google Webmaster Tools. Over time, it has been observed that the data in Webmaster Tools is delayed by about two-days. But, this time, the Google Webmaster tool update showed its last update on 7th February. You are not alone in this! All webmasters across the world have talked about it on online forums and other similar platforms.


This issue is doing rounds in the webmaster circles as the search engine giant still hasn’t given a confirmation of the same. There are several complaints lodged in the Google Webmaster forums but no intimation is received from Google for acknowledging and resolving this issue.

Meanwhile, cases where Google Analytics zeroed out data on February 9th have also been reported. So, one of the Google’s representatives John Mueller was seen as saying, “The search queries data is currently a bit delayed. It should catch back up over the next couple days though. Sorry about the trouble this causes in the meantime, and thanks for your patience!” on a Google Webmaster Help thread.

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