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In-house team or Digital Marketing Agency – Who should you choose for your SEO Services to Successfully Grow Your Business?

By Aron Allen
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In a recent post that appeared in Forbes, there was an interesting elaboration on what Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) need to know about SEO. The author mentioned that unless CMOs understand SEO and what can be expected from it, the result may not be satisfactory. For example, it’s important to understand that SEO is not only about rankings but a Content Marketing effort. Similarly, it is important to know that search engines favor websites that have the right kind of links (like having links on major news publications and famous bloggers). Therefore, the team working on Google Webmaster Tools should regularly review reports that show the list of websites linking to their website. It is also important to understand that SEO does not yield instant results. It is a consistent and long-term effort where it may take up to a year to experience the desired results.

CMOs are often faced with a dilemma whether to hire an agency to take care of the SEO efforts or use internal resources. The challenge, if using internal resources, is that the digital marketing dynamics are fast changing. These changes cannot be ignored and have to become a part of the SEO strategy.


For example, Dr. Pete Meyers, who is a Marketing Scientist at Moz said the Google has made a radical push to redefine mobile and that itself has contributed so much to a change. The advent use of mobiles has increased ad revenue and is set to increase in the coming future.

Google Hummingbird proved to be a major change in the underlying algorithm, mentioned Teddie Cowell, Director of SEO from Mediacom. Seen as an algorithm of the future, it has the capability to understand information better and provide answers to questions much more quickly. The algorithm will enable free search experiences.

Neil Patel, in his blog earlier this year, had warned that it will be more difficult to manipulate search listings. The best way around it will be to keep working on your website’s content. Given the trend, he added, focus will be more on paid campaigns compared to SEO. He also mentioned that social media plays a key role in making a blog/website popular. If you have a large social following, chances are traffic to your website or blog will have improved traffic.

2015 has been a year where search engine is getting difficult, transparency is key for businesses and the best way to survive is to learn and consistently evolve. Therefore, only a specialist, dedicated to digital marketing services, can modify a SEO strategy as per the latest developments in the domain. Unless the SEO tactics change as per the changing trends, the expected results are difficult to achieve.

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