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How Can You Better Optimize Your Content For Dominating Voice Search and Grow Your Business?

By Chetan Saxena
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Here are some content optimization tips that can help you raise your game and be prepared for voice search, the inevitable future of searching.

I still remember the time when Voice Search came into being. People used to find it awkward to speak to a device. It was rather an interesting concept that excited new users and seemed like fun. Thanks to voice search that every person wanted a personal assistant. Little did anyone imagine that Voice Search could become a dominating trend in the Digital Marketing world.

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Be it Siri, Cortana or Alexa – voice search is expanding and it’s a trend that will not stop. The more people start using virtual assistants, the more pressure it puts on voice search to deliver powerful and accurate responses. Virtual Assistants are being charged with a more intelligent language processing and machine learning capabilities.

Voice search is here to stay and getting popular.

There are strong trends that show that more than half of the online searches will be through voice. So, most of the people will be searching content in the form of questions, just like you ask a question verbally – ‘Which is the best digital marketing agency in Dallas?’ vs ‘best digital marketing Dallas’ that a person will search on a search engine.

Laggards are still wondering if they should consider Voice Search whereas proactive business owners are already adapting their digital marketing efforts to consider evolution of voice search. If you wish to top up your voice search game, you need to start optimizing your content for voice search. Here are a few tips to update your content for voice search.

  • Incorporate long-tail keywords

When I suggest that you must adopt long-tail keywords, it doesn’t mean that you can dismiss the traditional keywords. It implies that you must combine core key phrases and entail long-tail keywords. One of the ways you can incorporate it strongly is with a FAQs page for your website.

  • Let the content be in a conversational style

Like I mentioned earlier, people will talk to search devices and your content must be in a conversational style. If you’re speaking to the AI device, you need your content to reflect an answer to a potential question. Your content should restate the question in the header and then give a complete response. You can use Google Analytics to search the questions that people use to search for your business. You can use blog posts, business summaries, white papers and other collateral that you write for your online users.

You might find this to be an easy tip to incorporate, however, it’s a tricky one. You need to create answers like content that are concise, clear and help you become searchable.

  • Give more weightage to keyword research

When you think of capturing Google Home answers, keyword research is more important than ever. Google extracts voice answers from the featured snippets (that appear on top of the search results). Content that provides answers to ‘how’ and ‘what’ kind of questions is most likely highlighted in featured snippets.

While you gear up your content for voice search, don’t forget that quick loading time, being shareable, being mobile-ready and rankings on desktop Google search are critical factors that help you get higher rankings in voice search. You also need to be sensitive towards the way people search in a locality (the language they speak). For professionals (like dentists, lawyers and doctors) and certain businesses (like restaurants, salons and NGOs), getting right on local searches matters more than the overall rankings.

Digital Success can help you race to the top of the voice search game. Speak to us to start your content marketing project and lead the voice search rankings before your competitors.

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