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How to Clean Website & Blog Content Without Affecting Keyword Rankings?

By Prasoon Gupta
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Are you struggling to index your content on search engines? That could be very frustrating after spending so much time and resources developing the website and working with the content marketing agency.

There are times when the content on your website becomes obsolete, and you might need to figure out whether to update or remove it. Not just the content but the targeted keywords also lose their ranking, and you might need to reoptimize. Sometimes the keywords may not be as satisfying as the substance. If you host this type of content, you risk losing visitors. You will need to either delete the text or update it with pertinent and authoritative keywords.

That is when you need to get in touch with a digital marketing agency to focus on lead generation, top-line sales growth, and an overall positive impact on your business, and help you reevaluate your website content and look into the technicalities of whether it should be cleaned or not.

Things You Need to Know About Content, SEO & Website Cleanup

Google and the audience both prefer updated content from time to time. For instance, the date a blog post was published is shown on the search engine result pages (SERPs). Users are less likely to read an article regarding Facebook marketing that was published four years ago because it would be out of date at this point. Just like this, there are many other reasons why website and blog content might need cleaning from time to time.

Let’s dive deeper into Content and Indexing it on Search Engine

One of the initial processes in the procedure by which online pages are ranked and provided as search engine results is website indexing.

Every change you make to your website once it goes “live” on the internet affects how visitors, clients, and important search engines interact with it. An inactive website, on the other hand, may be considered “dead” by search engines because it has no changes and nothing fresh to give to the audience.

The search engine will visit your website more regularly if you update it with content, downloads, and new pages. So, you should regularly check your web pages and blogs for SEO.

  • It increases your chances of getting higher rankings based on the content you offer when search engines visit your site more regularly.
  • Regularly updated content, such as a blog or article posting, enables you to optimize the content with relevant keywords that may draw site visitors.
  • Even today, keywords are crucial to SEO and that’s where an SEO company comes into play. They help you by creating content using keywords that aid a search engine in recognizing your website each time they add more content.
  • Make sure the SEO company or the digital marketing agency you’ve hired is using keywords organically.

Use your keyword phrases in your meta tags, title tags, and descriptions, but keep the text in a more organic condition. But do not write content around a keyword; write it around what the reader wants, and practice cleaning your website for SEO.

What is Website Cleanup and Why is it important?

Every webmaster is working hard so that they are recognized as the “authority” in their niche by Google. The most popular method for building an authoritative website is to follow the SEO proverb “content is king.”  

  • Clean-up does a content audit that essentially purges duplicate, unused, and unneeded content from your website.
  • Content cleanup ​​results in Google re-fetching the website as a whole, and an evident increase in overall traffic.
  • Helps you fill the gap between your content to keep the content’s ranking improving.
  • Helps you remove keywords that are losing traffic and replace them with relevant and ranking keywords.
  • Content cleaning removes any duplicate content, present on the website.

In a study by Elite Strategies, after a thorough cleanup of their website, including videos, web pages, and duplicate content, they saw surprising results.

  • Top landing pages ranked higher in search results
  • Traffic increased for these Top landing pages
  • Increase in overall search impressions

Working with a content marketing agency with proven results such as this one, can have wonderful results for your website and help in getting rid of content cruft, implementing MySQL cleanup, and learning new SEO techniques.

Clean Website Content Without Affecting Keyword Ranking
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3 Ways You Can Clean Website Content Without Affecting Keyword Ranking

If you’ve spent years creating the website and its content, choosing what content to preserve, reoptimize, and delete can be frustrating. However, this decision is crucial for generating traffic, user engagement, and conversions.

Here are three ways you can clean up your website content without affecting the keyword ranking:

1. Audit Content

Due to regular advancements in industry, area, or circumstance, outdated content will not always be accurate or relevant. Outdated and irrelevant content adds nothing to your brand after a certain period and has a negative impact on how consumers interact with your website.

Conducting a content audit is the first step in effectively cleaning up the information on your website. This comprises looking over the information on your website and assessing its effectiveness, relevance, and quality.

With proper tools, the performance of individual pages can be assessed using a variety of measures, including traffic, bounce rate, and engagement.

  • According to a search advocate, fixing outdated content before it starts affecting your site’s ranking and reputation, is important.

Your Content Audit Checklist:

  • Write down your goals of cleanup: improving engagement, SEO, and ranking
  • Create content inventory that needs to be cleaned (pages, blogs, case studies, videos)
  • Categorize inventory on the basis of its ranking, backlinks, and CTRs
  • Analyze it for conversions, performance, and SEO
  • Take action: keep, reoptimize or delete

So before you hire a content marketing agency to clean your website, balance the outdated and old content on your website. You can do that by classifying the content as either evergreen or time-sensitive, depending on the length of time for which it remains relevant.

Some best practices for content auditing:

1. Segregate for KPIs

2. Perform new content strategy and analyze

3. Prioritize relevance

2. Create a Balance of Evergreen & Time-Sensitive Content

Characteristics/Content TypesEvergreen ContentTime-Sensitive Content
What is it?Evergreen content has endless or long-term relevance. It doesn’t lose relevance quickly.
Evergreen content is something that remains relevant for at least a few years. But certain pieces never lose their relevance, once published, they continue to provide readers with worthwhile value.
Time-sensitive content, also referred to as timely content, has a limited window of relevancy. In other words, visitors might only discover it useful for a short time.
Time-sensitive content loses its value to viewers as it reaches its metaphorical expiration date.
TypesCase studies, how-to guides, FAQs Product reviews, etc.Short-form videos, industry reports, and gifs.
Benefit1. Increases the amount of traffic to your website over time and draws in more readers.
2. Other websites are more inclined to connect to it because of its long-term importance, raising your ranking.
3. Can be converted into multiple formats.
1. With less competition, it is easier to rank evergreen content
2. Drives a significant quantity of traffic and increases conversion or revenue.
3. Better ranking on Google and Bing News, which displays content that needs to be updated immediately, such as news stories.


Instead of completely banishing one of the types, you must place a priority on quality above quantity while producing evergreen content, time-sensitive content, or a combination of the two.

3. Evaluate Rankings and Delete

Before you decide on the process, make sure you have backed up your website in case you wish to restore it later. Here are some tools that you can use to create a backup of your WordPress website.

1. UpDraft

2. VaultPress

After you have cleaned up your content, it is crucial to examine your search engine rankings to make sure your changes did not negatively affect your SEO.

Cleaning up your website content definitely affects the traffic, conversions, navigation, and other elements of your entire SEO. Always use SEO tools and keep a check on your website traffic and Google Analytics.

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Here are 4 website content cleanup processes

1. 301 Redirect

In case you delete a web page, this allows users to redirect from one page to another by clicking on the provided URL. This also transfers your backlinks without affecting your web page rankings.

2. 410 Deleted Status

In case you permanently delete a website page, and don’t want SERPs to have an error. Serve the 410 deleted status to Google, and it will automatically delete the pages from all search engines.

3. Reoptimization

If one of your pages ranks well on SERPs, you can optimize it for the content by adding relevant keywords, publishing dates, and stats. This will help SERPs index it for different keywords and dates, making your content rank better.

4. Delete All

If your website pages are not serving their purpose, have no traffic, and are of zero relevance, it’s best to delete them and create more relevant content instead.


There’s no doubt that website cleaning is important for maintaining high-quality content, but keyword ranking shouldn’t be affected. To avoid this, collaborate with a digital marketing service provider and keep your rankings safe and intact. We offer tailor-made content clean-up solutions, content marketing strategies, and lead generation that create an overall positive impact on your business.

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