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Improve Your Facebook Page Engagement and Make Your Business Page Successful

By Kate John
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If you’ve had to deal with trying to get a new social media page off the ground, you know the struggle of what it means to grab attention from new customers. Facebook is partially responsible for this struggle as they have rolled out an algorithmic change recently that added more value to personal posts than to posts by pages. Sadly, this has led to many pages simply purchasing likes from Facebook just to boost their numbers to what they once were.

Fortunately for us though, acquiring page likes isn’t actually expensive if you know what you need to do. Despite nothing ever being completely free, however, it is better in every single instance to have likes from customers that actually like your brand as opposed empty numbers.


Integrate your Website with Facebook

This is a no-brainer, especially to an advertising agency. Installing the Facebook plugin on your website will create an emphasis on directing some traffic from one site to the other. To add this Plugin, you want to make sure it is located on a few different pages, specifically:

Your About Page: Your about page is the most intuitive place to have your Facebook plugin located. Most notably, if your website has an underwhelming amount of information on the about section, your company’s Facebook may be exactly what your customer is looking for, so much so that it may be worth a Like.

Your Blog: Blogs are huge in this day and age. So huge, in fact, that Google states that about 2 million blog posts are created every day. This number is astronomically large for a reason. Blogs create visibility and provide much needed information for customers wanting to learn more about what you do. With the addition of your Facebook Page in the sidebar or footer, you should see a residual flow of traffic off your blog posts onto your Facebook.

Don’t Miss out on Engaging your Customers with Sharing

If you have a brand that meets customer expectations, those same customers are quite likely to want their friends to be pleased by what you do as well. The simplest form of this is to just ask them to share what posts they find resonate with them. Not only does this create engagement with your customers is allows for a form of outsourcing of some of your promotional efforts.

What About Promoting Facebook Posts?

While paying for likes does require cold hard cash, social media sites like Facebook allow you to pay to promote a post, which operates to perform a very different function. This promotion is used sometimes by social media marketing agencies to target a specific audience that your brand resonates effectively with. This audience can be sorted from all kinds of demographics like age, gender, level of education, spoken language, geographic location, and others. Of course this should not be done on the fly. Paid promotion of posts should only be used on posts that have been proven to resonate with a certain target audience that you have a history of connecting with. This is a valuable tool when put into the right hands, especially when those hands have accurate analytical data to support their decisions, like an effectively operating digital marketing agency.

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