List Of 55 Most Popular Keywords For Growing Your Real Estate Business Post COVID!

By Pradeep
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List Of 55 Most Popular Keywords For Growing Your Real Estate Business Post COVID!

Real estate is a big investment that people make, and it is also one-time mega-investment for most of the people in their lifetime.

For all their real estate research, they rely on Google search engine.

If you are a real estate business owner, it is important that your website should be found on top search results.

The search engine optimization makes your website discoverable in top Google results.

The first step to any successful SEO campaign is keyword research. Which is about picking and targeting the right set of keywords.

Keyword research helps in creating a strong foundation for other SEO tasks, like finding content topics for blogs, on-page SEO, link outreach, and content promotion, etc.

Attempting keyword research on your own can involve a lot of education, which is reading blogs, watching videos, and learning to use various keyword tools that are available in the market & developing an understanding of how to identify the right match of keywords for your real estate business.

Making your task easier, here is a list of popular US search keywords that you may plan to target in your SEO campaign and start growing your website’s presence on search result pages.

Below is a list of 55 most popular mixed competition keywords for a US-based real estate business.


KeywordSearch Volume (US)Competition (US)Competition (Google Search results)
apartment rental agency14800Low791,000,000 
apartments for rent1500000Medium947,000,000 
bank foreclosures3600Medium41700000
commercial buildings for sale8100Medium269,000,000 
commercial land for sale4400Medium897,000,000 
commercial property for lease12100Medium250,000,000 
commercial property for rent8100Medium472,000,000 
commercial property for sale40500Medium2,740,000,000 
commercial real estate110000Medium2,810,000,000 
commercial real estate agent4400Low909,000,000 
commercial real estate companies1600Low665,000,000 
commercial real estate firms480Low221,000,000
commercial real estate for lease3600Medium190,000,000 
commercial residential real estate210Low901,000,000 
condos for sale110000Medium684,000,000 
corporate real estate companies50Low1,800,000,000 
corporate real estate firms10Low1,290,000,000 
equity residential apartments260Low58,500,000 
foreclosure houses12100Medium72,500,000
home realtor2400Medium265,000,000 
home sale agency70Low986,000,000 
homes for sale550000Medium15,940,000,000 
house rental agencies1300Medium130,000,000 
house sale agents70Medium405,000,000 
houses for sale1000000Medium16,150,000,000 
housing real estate companies10Medium385,000,000 
local real estate agents1300Medium262,000,000 
professional real estate services90Low1,600,000,000 
property for sale27100Medium7,080,000,000 
property management companies40500Medium2,540,000,000
property management firm320Low531,000,000 
property management real estate services20Medium1,410,000,000 
real estate agent90500Low3,010,000,000
real estate asset management services30Medium275,000,000 
real estate broker27100Low551,000,000 
real estate broker company170Low201,000,000 
real estate brokerage firm590Low32,200,000 
real estate companies18100Low4,200,000,000 
real estate consulting services140Medium315,000,000 
real estate firm1600Low648,000,000
real estate investment services320Low754,000,000 
real estate offices2400Low584,000,000 
real estate property management services20Low943,000,000 
real estate services1600Low3,420,000,000
realtor company2900Low219,000,000 
realty companies6600Low3,070,000,000 
relocation realtor110High14,700,000 
rental agencies9900Low5,150,000,000 
residential land for sale1000Low492,000,000 
residential real estate agent210Low364,000,000 
residential real estate brokerage210Low305,000,000
residential real estate companies110Low424,000,000 
residential real estate firms20Low96,100,000 
residential real estate services50Low1,160,000,000 
residential realty390Low210,000,000 

Find this keyword list useful!

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