Renewed Perspective On Search Trends Which Impact Business Growth

By Kate John
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In the recent times, the saying ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ has become relevant in the world of SEO. It means that you have to customize as per the people around you. Research shows that businesses that localize keywords and content tend to get a better response than businesses that try to cater to several locations. One of the key successful search trend in 2015 is to go local. So what are some of the aspects that you should consider to implement the local search strategy?

Use local search terms, which means a combination of your service name and city/town name where you offer your services. For example, a customer from Austin searching for a web development organization will most likely use the search term ‘web development company Austin’. To get a better understand of the local keywords that will work for you, use Google AdWords or other web analytics tools. The local keywords can help you drive maximum qualified traffic to your website.

If you have a multi-location presence, you can make different landing pages for different locations. This approach can help your business to get better search results in local searches. It will also help users to feel more comfortable with your service with a localized feel to the content and your presence.

Adding the local contact details to not only your website but also the page titles and descriptions can help you go a long way. You need to optimize your existing pages with your address, contact numbers and e-mail id. Also, add a map of your office/store so that it is easier for your customers to reach you. You could also add your contact details in local directories. But just ensure that the keywords used in the local directories are the same as what you use on the website so that a user can relate to your service/website with the same keywords.

Interacting with your customers is a great way to promote your business. Social media gives you an excellent opportunity to promote your business and also reach your customers for a feedback on your services and understand the improvement areas. The social media channels open a direct means through which you can get instant reviews for your product/service and also promote special offers.


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