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How Reviews Impact SEO Results: Infographic for Online Business Growth

By Aron Allen
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4 responses to “How Reviews Impact SEO Results: Infographic for Online Business Growth”

  1. Great simple post. Reviews do actually improve SEO. It’s in the Google guidelines.
    “A high-quality page consists of a positive website reputation.”. It doesn’t get any more straight forward than that.

  2. This one feels like it was always coming. Even if Google didn’t have a way to really rank sites based on reviews from any stats, they’d certainly have their eyes on it if it’s something that correlates to higher user/buyer trust.

    I have found though in my work that reviews impact the local search algorithm much more than it impacts organic search results.

  3. This infographic is brilliant! Really well put together. Would love to republish this on our blog as a guest post if you’re interested. Email me aimee at yotpo if you are. Awesome work!

  4. Ya very true review impact SEO. When people search any product then see reviews and rating that helps CTR, to make buy decisions and create positive things for the users and more.

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