The Secret Ingredients for a Perfect Google AdWords Campaign Growth to Generate High-quality Leads

By Chetan Saxena
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You think you have the best recipe to drive traffic with Google AdWords?

Think again.

You obviously have the simple answers for a Google AdWords campaign to fail. The keyword research wasn’t thorough, you didn’t think of making your campaign mobile friendly or you directed the visitors to the wrong pages.

As a result, you may not be getting as much traffic as you had intended or the traffic you’re getting does not consist of quality leads. You are most likely missing the secret ingredients that make the recipe for that perfect Google AdWords campaign.

  • How can you increase your conversion rate?
  • How can you reduce your cost per conversion?

We give you simple ingredients for a perfect Google AdWords campaign.

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Make your ad copy ‘simple’

That might sound easy but is probably the toughest thing to do but it is one of the ways you can differentiate yourself from your competitors. The way to grab attention is to make your ad copy simple without sounding salesy like your competitors. One of the reasons that ads on Google look the same is due to the fact that they have similar offers and similar copy. They try too hard.

You can create emotional triggers, which can be an excellent bait for your potential customer to click on the ad. Or you can address the biggest pain area of your customers. Forget about stuffing the ad copy with too many keywords. The keywords can be either informational, navigational or transactional. Don’t try to focus on all the three. Just focus on one category of keywords and stick to it per ad. Another common mistake that digital marketers make is to omit negative keywords. One must consider the negative keywords for the ad campaign to perform better.

Use of powerful images helps (in fact images are responsible for getting two-thirds of the traffic). Ensure that your image is professionally curated and looks sharp.

Use marketing psychology  

Marketing psychology refers to creating a sense of urgency or fear of missing out. For example, limited stock, price drop, you don’t want to miss this, etc. are statements that create a sense of urgency even if you have a sale throughout the year.

Use callout extensions

Callout extensions are similar to site link extensions but with one big difference – it doesn’t have a link. The callout extensions are descriptive text that you can add to spruce up your offering (highlight the benefits and features of your products). It helps to bring more attention to your ad copies.

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Use remarketing

There can be a number of almost converted customers who can bounce and abandon their cart. Remarketing is your perfect ingredient to convert the abandoners into customers. You can either use your own customer list or use Facebook and Twitter for remarketing. Don’t shy away from nagging your customers with remarketing ads (do a smart mix of the frequency). Statistics show that a higher frequency leads to higher converts.

Standing out in the noise is not easy. If you need to speak to an expert to help you stand out in your Google AdWords campaign, we’re all ears.

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