Are you socially engaged? Several social media marketing strategies brilliant companies are using today to be successful

By Aron Allen
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If you’re toiling away behind a keyboard daily to come up with the best content you can, then your social media pages are likely chock-full of delectable articles available for reading. Indisputably, this is something all businesses on social media should be doing. Yet, it’s still so common to see companies that have already checked this box with an “x” but are still not experiencing the buzz around their site they desire.

Any social media marketing strategy worthy of praise tries something new once in a while.

Below are a few social media tools that we’ve seen utilized by both people and companies recently that are simply… impressive.

Don’t miss out on using Facebook Groups

It’s disheartening to see so many people on Facebook that either think Facebook groups are dead or are simply ignoring their existence. Facebook groups form every day out of the necessity for people to come together on their own accord to accomplish a common goal. Utilizing Facebook groups in your social media management allows you to:

  • Find conversation about your industry or product/service type and actually partake in the conversation as a human that is part of the group rather than a faceless machine.
  • Discover needs and desires of those in your target audience
  • Create opportunities for people interested in what you have to use one-time discounts
  • Test out a new product or non-intrusively promote yourself

To give you a solid idea of how useful this is, take a look below at the Facebook group dubbed “DFW motorcycles and parts (buy and sell)” that has nearly 21,000 active users. Here is an example of how powerful this group can be, especially to the up and coming muffler designer, Ricky Sutton.

As you can see this local custom exhaust business has gained 1,532 loyal followers due mostly to his advertisements through this channel. The best part is that he interacts with the community and forms his own opinions while taking feedback from his current/potential customers on the actual group page.

Give a little, to get a lot

Giving your customers something that actually has value for free is something people are not conditioned to expect. In this materialistic world, “free” always cost you something. Literally giving something away for free shows that you’re willing to invest your energy in nurturing a relationship with your fans.

Additionally, people appreciate it when you don’t look at them as just “leads” in the database of a giant conglomerate’s sales funnel. Something effective could be as simple as creating a line like “Pizza on us, really” aligned with a local campaign that gives free pizza to people willing to sit down with you during an educational seminar.

To get more in depth with this strategy, companies have gone so far as to collect data on where people were heading when they got to an airport, then surprise them with a customized gift, which in turn led to a viral video social media marketing strategy.

This strategy really just boils down to the Amazon Effect– Biting the bullet to load the chamber with a much larger bullet. Amazon has historically lost money on books to give students an alternative to paying outrageous campus book prices so that they could build a loyal following to leverage on their other products, which they have very successfully done.

Consider posting less
We all already know quality trumps quantity, but could it be true that publishing great quality posts too frequently can still be a mistake? Let’s take a look at what the weekly post numbers say:

Clearly, social media marketing has its favorite industries, but these industry standards can set the bar you what you want to shoot for. Clearly, if you’re real estate agent posting 20 new updates or tweets a week with about a single interaction on each one, you may want to dial it back a bit instead of flooding your feeds. Although this is definitely not an encompassing answer as to how to increase social media engagement, it does show that for most people, flooding your feed never similarly floods your notifications.

These are only a few social media tools that we’re seeing people leverage; if you want to set the bar even higher, you can take a look at something much more radically innovative like the Meerkat App for Twitter. With such high expectations on social media these days, it’s no wonder so many more focused strategies are coming out of the woodwork. If your social media marketing strategy needs these tips and more, drop us a message and you can work with our seasoned social veterans to get you to where you want to be.

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