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Digital Marketing Strategy 2018

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 that are doable, actionable and practical

By Kate John
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I read a few blogs related to Digital Marketing Trends in 2019, and I could feel my head spin around. Some of the trends are real but some of them are just fluff. If I, as a Digital Marketer, can feel so overwhelmed with these Digital Marketing trends, I can’t start to imagine how business owners (especially small business owners) will feel about these over the top trends.

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In one of the blogs, I read content will remain the king, well of course, content is the strongest and will continue to assume its supremacy for many years to come. Hence, I don’t consider it to be a trend. It’s given. You need to understand the way content is being written is changing. For example, conversational and customized content is what customers prefer these days.

While I will not disqualify all the digital marketing trends that have been listed for 2019 as impractical. There are some that you might consider in the years to come.

I have worked on some serious Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 that are doable and practical. These can be considered to grow your online revenue with digital marketing efforts.


1. Personalized approach

I think we have said this repeatedly that the consumers have changed. With sophisticated online tools available, you can have an insight into consumer behavior, preferences, liking and disliking. Your email campaigns and personal messages to prospects and clients can be personalized. Your marketing channels must be funneled with personalized content for the user.

Netflix is a powerful example of personalization. As soon as a user logs in, banners, text, search and artwork is all personalized for the users.


2. Video Marketing

Thanks to smartphones and social media apps, videos have become the highlight of all digital marketing efforts. It is no longer a high cost effort.

Over the past few years, however, it’s not YouTube videos but Live videos. There are several brands that started to use Live videos streaming on Facebook and Instagram. The trend is gaining popularity and there’s an increasing percentage of consumers who admit that the share a brand’s video (if it’s good) and product videos make them feel more confident about making a purchase.


3. Visual Search

We’re moving away from touching the screen. In fact, trends show that in the next 2 years more than 30% of web browsing will be conducted through voice commands. AI apps like Google Assistant, Siri and Bixby are used more widely than ever as people want to multitask. Voice search add a level of simplicity compared to the conventional search methods. It’s time to include voice search in your SEO strategy. You need experts who understand that voice search is simply a change in the method of delivery, the general principles of SEO remain the same.


4. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising, a process to automate buy and sell online media, will continue to gain momentum next year. Users will be served content in real-time based on data and technology. It is a foolproof way to guaranteed impressions and builds the ability to reach intended consumers more emphatically. You need to include programmatic advertising in your digital marketing efforts next year to gain real-time flexibility, achieve accurate customer targeting and reach higher levels of efficiency, and greater ROI.


5. Marketing Automation

Each one of us is stripped for time and automating marketing makes a lot of sense. Optimization is the buzz word and marketing automation helps you do exactly that. There are several marketing automation tools available to perform different activities in marketing function.

If you work using sophisticated marketing automation tools, it helps to target potential customers across multiple channels, refine marketing process, boost customer lifetime value and repurpose existing content to rear leads. Small businesses can benefit hugely from marketing automation tools as they are stripped of resources and a single person must multi-task.

The above trends are the ones that you start incorporating in your Digital Marketing 2019 strategy. Improved customer experience and personalization is the mantra for all marketers in the next year and perhaps the years to come. In order to stay ahead of the curve and generate results from your digital marketing efforts, if you’re seeking expertise or advice, remember we’re right here and happy to help.

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